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4 Steps to Being a Better Boss for Your Multigenerational Workforce

With baby boomers restlessly pacing at retirement’s door, it’s critical to plan now for the significant talent gap that lies ahead. Right now, your workforce is likely made up of multiple generations bringing different traits to the table. It’s critical to take advantage of this multigenerational makeup before baby boomers retire and transition out of… Read more »

10 Ways You Can Manage Across Generations

There are four different generations working in government today—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. When approaching working outside of our own generation, we often have a tendency to rely on stereotypes (i.e. Traditionalists will never accept change and Millennials are unreliable job hoppers) and that can ruin great partnerships before they ever get started.Read… Read more »

Is the Entitlement Generation Really Entitled?

Spoiled. Uncooperative. Impatient. Lazy. These are just a few words used to describe who some have deemed the “entitlement generation” – often called Millennials or Gen Y or even Generation C. Sure, with stories like the 18-year old girl who is suing her parents for financial support flying around the web, is anyone really surprised?Read… Read more »

Technical Foul: Leadership Lessons from the Rutgers Basketball Scandal

What leadership lessons can we learn from the firing of Rutgers coach Mike Rice? If you’ve been following the news story about how now former Rutgers basketball coach, Mike Rice, was verbally and physically abusing his players, then you undoubtedly know that he was fired and his assistant, Jimmy Martelli, has also recently resigned andRead… Read more »

Themes from the Federal Mentoring Roundtable

I had a great time last week at the Federal Mentoring Roundtable. It was such a pleasure to see some old friends and to meet new faces. One of the things I enjoy most about attending events like this is getting to hear all the different situations people are encountering. As I was reflecting onRead… Read more »

“Lean, Mean, Learning Machines” – The New Age of Training

Michelle Rosenbloom with the 3Leaf Group is a marketing professional. Now, what she is marketing is the Netflix(TM) of training. The wave of the future. She has been involved in creating a “lean, mean, learning machine.” But there is more to it than marketing when it comes to a savvy training professional or manager whoRead… Read more »