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Real. Simple. Social. Enabling fellow public servants in a push for improved online presence and engagement.

Ironically my division at work used to have the acronym RSS. Confusing for a web management division. A change of acronyms later, and I am still holding onto my own RSS principle. Real. Simple. Social. More and more often I am being called upon to provide small groups in the policy and advocacy streams withRead… Read more »

Govloop – great resource for a northern neighbour

Hi folks, First, congratulations on Govloop! This is an excellent resource and I was thrilled that it was truly open to the government community at large. I serve as a Deputy Director of eCommunications at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and have had the pleasure of meeting several US counterparts andRead… Read more »

Government 2.0 Un-Conference, Un-packed

The first-ever government 2.0 un-conference was impressive and invigorating. Coming together with a reported 500 colleagues, enthusiasts and thought leaders in social media and web 2.0 applications was a great opportunity to focus my individual efforts as well as those driven by the Social Media Subcouncil on which I serve. Not to mention, the gatheringRead… Read more »

Climate Science and Public Policy

1. Climate Science and Public Policy (Part 1): New Challenges in a Web 2.0 World In the first of two presentations (February 18), Rod Dobell and Justin Longo will discuss the flow of results from climate science into the formation of public policy in light of three new developments that alter the context for publicRead… Read more »

Equity of Crowdsourcing for Political Issue Prioritization

A tweet came across recently about a website that is working to prioritize political issues at a local level based on people input (essentially similar to – share your idea). I think the idea of a non-partisan, transparent, framework for identifying and promoting the strength/concern of a particular issue is great…. unfortunately, I thinkRead… Read more »