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GovBytes: Anticipated Portal [] Up and Running

As of August 1, four cities — Chicago, Seattle, New York and San Francisco — became the first local governments to host their public data sets on the federal domain under the name Municipal Information Officers cite their decision to host the data on the federal portal as part of an overall message thatRead… Read more »

Telework Adoption Slowed By Key Stakeholders, Says OPM Report

In 2010, Congress passed the Telework Enhancement Act, which was designed to increase the adoption and implementation of telework policies across the federal government and its agencies. By increasing telework adoption, the government was hoping to slash budgets, increase employee productivity and also enable continuity of operations (COOP) when natural disasters and other incidents keptRead… Read more »

No talk, all action: Startup Weekend e-Government and building tech solutions govt and citizens need

As we’re all aware, e-Government is an emerging opportunity of epic proportions. Between the former USCTO Aneesh Chopra’s open data agenda, current USCTO Todd Park’s doubling down of this agenda, USCIO Steve VanRoekel’s Shared Services Strategy, and a myriad of other new initiatives calling all innovation in focused industries we will soon see rapid growthRead… Read more »

Can New VA Policy Drive Telemedicine Adoption?

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently proposed a new policy that could provide a roadmap to increase telemedicine adoption should it be implemented across the healthcare community. According to an article in InformationWeek, the VA is looking to eliminate copayments for veterans that utilize telemedicine for doctor’s visits. The policy is designed to drive moreRead… Read more »

Why influence, not RoI, matters for local government social media

On the whole, UK councils are doing a nice job of using social media – possibly we caught on early because we’re used to making the most of tools that don’t cost much. ‘Fair play ‘ as we say here in Wales, we’re doing getting better at engaging. But there’s loads of room to improve.Read… Read more »

How Event Polling Best Reaches Target Constituencies

Government, by necessity and obligation, must understand the competing interests and ideologies of the variety of identity groups that it serves. Put another way, those who are in charge must always have an ear to the ground if they want to remain in charge. That being said, there is no silver bullet in terms ofRead… Read more »

Why the Government should take an interest in Pinterest

You may have heard people talking about the hottest thing in social media, Pinterest. For those not aware of what Pinterest is, it’s a “Pin-Board” styled social photo sharing website. The site allows you to create and manage theme-based image and video collections. Popular topics include recipes, fashion, celebrities, animals, design and nature. The wayRead… Read more »