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5 Tips and Tools to Check Out Before You Go to the Open Government & Innovations (OGI) Conference NEXT WEEK!

The Open Government & Innovations Conference, “OGI” for short, is jam-packed with world-renowned speakers, cutting-edge research and real-life case studies (you can see the details in all of their glory here). Whether you work in the public or private sector, you’re going to learn a ton and make dozens of contacts. To make sure thatRead… Read more »

Social media now more popular than personal email – Neilsen

Republished from eGov AU. In their Global Faces and Networked Places report (PDF), Neilsen has found that social networks and blogs (Member Communities) are now the 4th most popular online category – ahead of personal email. In December 2008 Neilsen found that 59% of online Australians used social networks and blogs, compared to 80% inRead… Read more »

The benefits of crowdsourcing – US$1,000,000 prize from Netflix

Republished from eGov AU. (I would appreciate if you could Vote for me in ‘The 10 who are changing the World of Internet and Politics’) I highlighted the online Netflix prize quite some time ago as an example of how an organisation could work with its community to drive innovation. Netflix has a longstanding prizeRead… Read more »

Google Sites, K-TOC, consensus-building

I’ve been tasked with learning about Google Sites. Google is of course ubiquitous in this business, and we’ve used Google Calendar for the Kansas Transportation Calendar on K-TOC from the beginning. Now I’m learning how the various Google apps—Calendar, Documents, Video etc.—fit together. We’re providing comms support for a fact-finding committee with members scattered acrossRead… Read more »

The agency considers Twitter

We’re exploring Twitter. KDOT has issued area-specific road/traffic/weather tweets for several months, thanks to the foresight of Tom Hein, our Wichita public affairs manager. Tom was hip to Twitter early on, way before me, and was issuing road update tweets even before K-TOC launched. Kim Qualls started doing the same thing for Kansas City andRead… Read more »

Here’s Your Chance to Shine: Government 2.0 Expo and Showcase

Have you done something to help usher in the era of Government 2.0 and want to show it off? Have you changed the culture of your organization from one that hoards information to one that openly shares and collaborates with each other? Are you tired of toiling in obscurity while you see the same storiesRead… Read more »


Originally published here I did a presentation last night on the work I’ve been doing with Plone and Local Government and I was asked about a term I used – OOOG. OOOG stands for Open source, Open standards, Open Government. It’s a personal standard that I use when judging the suitability of a project orRead… Read more »

Strategic Social needs a Director of Business Development

Strategic Social is an emerging technology and service provider of social media and web 2.0 services and solutions to the federal government. If you have a passion for national security and Web 2.0, we encourage you to join the team. All job related questions should be directed to [email protected] The link below has the fullRead… Read more »