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Gov 2.0 Roundup (March 19 Edition)

GSA approves Google Analytics, the FCC wants you to test your broadband speed, SXSW takes social media to the moon, and Virginia’s Department of Taxation gets a win with online chat, all in this week’s edition of the Rock Creek Roundup. –Looking for a cost-effective yet robust solution to track your agency’s website statistics, givingRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Roundup (March 12 Edition)

The State Department visualizes data, the FBI has an app for that, the First Lady offers prizes to get kids moving, and the Department of Homeland Security sniffs out a unique mobile application, all in this week’s version of the Rock Creek Roundup. –Earlier this week, the State Department, in conjunction with the University ofRead… Read more »

Researching Digital Government of the 21st Century

A group of researchers from some of the top schools with programs related to digital government got together last month to discuss the role of research in the digital government arena, it’s importance for the future, and how to get it better funded. The get-together was entitled “Information, Technology, and Governance: A Grand Challenges ResearchRead… Read more »

Acquisition 2.0 Starts With FAR 2.0

Originally posted on BetterBlog, this official blog of the Better Buy Project. Let me first apologize to Andy Krzmarzick, as I have been promising a post on performance-based contracting and how it relates to the Better Buy Project and the Acquisition 2.0 initiative. I actually started that post, but put in on hold a bitRead… Read more »

OpenNASA/OpenGov – #4 in Gov 2.0 LA

We’re in the # 4 spot! Thanks for your support!! Want to be able to easily add gadgets and apps to your own Agency’s OpenGov Dashboard? Want to see a .gov “Facebook for Government”? Favorite OpenNASA/OpenGov at Gov 2.0 LA. Deadline Jan 30, midnight EST: Apps for Air, Apps for Space, Apps for Life,Read… Read more »

4 Cities and County Team up for Mobile Gov2.0 App

The cities of Arvada, Geneva, Manor, Rockwall and Mecklenburg County have teamed up with DotGov, Inc. to participate in a unique innovation project. The goal of the project is to develop an iPhone Application, which will offer citizens mobile access to city & county services and information. You can participate by sharing your best ideasRead… Read more »

Insourcing Debate Is About Strategy, Not Numbers

From The Acquisition Corner As the federal government continues to find ways to move contracted work back in-house, it must overcome some major obstacles. One area that has been significantly neglected is effective human capital planning. As a result, the government’s lack of in-house resources has increased its reliance on contractors to help it performRead… Read more »

Execution is the Key to Improving the Federal Acquisition Process

From The Acquisition Corner As 2009 is now in the books, the year ended with plans submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) by the 24 federal agencies that account for 98% of contract actions. As reported by NextGov, these agencies have identified $19 billion in acquisition-related savings, also announced by OMB inRead… Read more »

Moving The Better Buy Project Forward: An Exercise in Change

From The Better Buy Project blog After attending the recent Better Buy Project panel this past week, I blogged about my observations and some issues that came up from that conversation. That lively discussion continued on the GovLoop Acquisition 2.0 community. Although many commentators took different takes, I think we all agreed that one ofRead… Read more »