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6 Pitfalls to Workforce Planning: The Fourth Pitfall

We’ve talked about the first three Pitfalls. Now it’s time to share a tough one… Pitfall No. 4: Translating Plans into Business Lingo. Workforce Planning is characterized by two components, the human side and the business side. We’ve talked a bit about the human side but it’s the business side that launches the Plan! MarkRead… Read more »

6 Pitfalls to Workforce Planning – The Second Pitfall

We’ve talked about the mistake some organizations make by Expecting HR to own Workforce Planning. Today, let’s talk about Pitfall No.2: Missing the BIG Picture (which also implies that an organization must agree as to what the “big picture” is). The goal of Workforce Planning is to have a ready, future workforce of capable people,Read… Read more »

6 Pitfalls to Workforce Planning – The First Pitfall

In my previous blog, I layed out the proverbial “six” pitfalls. Today we’ll go into Pitfall No.1: Expecting HR to own Workforce Planning. Workforce planning is a strategic business effort so let’s put what that means into context. When a company is developing its business plan, where is HR in the process? When an organizationRead… Read more »

6 Pitfalls to Workforce Planning – In the Beginning

Do you want to engage a worldclass workforce that delivers consistent successes to your organization both now and for the future? If your answer is “Not now” or “We’re not ready to move forward with this”, you’re probably one of the pivital pitfalls in your organization! Ah, but if your answer is “Yes”, first realizeRead… Read more »

Take STOCK to the Bank?

A GovExec article published April 4th, announced a set of “new financial disclosure requirements” enacted to prevent insider trading by members of Congress and top executive branch officials. According to the STOCK Act, each Member of Congress or employee of Congress owes a duty to the Congress, the United States Government, and the citizens ofRead… Read more »

Are You a Mentor or an Egocentrist?

A government-wide emphasis on passing along knowledge from one generation of federal workers to the next was underscored last week when the Senate passed legislation that includes a plan for Feds to work part time while mentoring newer hires and easing into retirement. Even OPM Chief John Berry was mentored early in his career andRead… Read more »

Telework According to Berry

Tom Shoop, Vice president and Editor in Chief at Gov Exec Media Group, writes that they are big on telework because the nature of their business, as reporters, requires them to be out and about attending events and conducting interviews, so even in the pre-Internet age, the editors who managed them had to get comfortableRead… Read more »

Succession Planning is NOT a Buzzword!

Yesterday a colleague shared performance and training data with me that truly illustrates just how ill-prepared we are for Workforce 2020. Here are a few realities from that data: Thanks to tight budgets and retirement incentives, the Feds have lost a vast amount of seasoned talent over the past 5 years. Although we have doneRead… Read more »

Tired of Sneak Attacks?

Buried in the Senate Highway Bill (Amendment #1826 to S.1813) is a sneak attempt to extend the Pay Freeze imposed on Federal employees for yet another year! Surprised? According to it’s author, Senator Pat Roberts, “This amendment includes a special deficit reduction trust fund … <that> would contain the savings from the energy production incentives,Read… Read more »