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Why Do Employees Want to Quit?

There might be some good reasons to retain (or attempt to retain) employees after they’ve announced they want to leave their jobs. I guess it all depends on what motivated employees’ to declare their intentions in the first place. Find out the reasons why employees quit is a good way to figure out the collectiveRead… Read more »

Performance Appraisal Rears Its Ugly Head

For most of us, the oft dreaded annual performance appraisal rears its ugly head at least once a year. Loathed by the majority of managers & employees alike, one’s approach to performance appraisals is a sure-fire way to experience a positive or negative outcome. Perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at what’s reallyRead… Read more »


In the wake of controversy and the rush to remove a government official from appointed office, there are some lessons here that all of us can learn. Lesson One: Build and Maintain a Workplace Culture That Fosters Respect. Just as national figures mistakenly react, people in the workplace also are capable of making the sameRead… Read more »

Career Advice? Get Back To Basics!

I was reading Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World, when I realized that Ghandi really knew how to give great career advice! Who thought that his virtues might also serve us well in our careers? How often have you discovered that some level of cynicism has crept into your way of approaching your career,Read… Read more »

Employee Retention or Employee Loyalty?

Reprinted from: Success Performance Solutions by Ira Wolfe | June 23, 2010 Which is better: employee retention or loyalty? The answer isn’t as obvious as you think. These are some common remarks shared by disgruntled, long-term employees: · “All the owners care about is the money.” · “They’ll never pay me what I deserve anyway.”Read… Read more »