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“Transfer” -vs- “Reassignment”

Do you know the difference between a Transfer and a Reassignment in the Federal Government? There are important distinctions between the two and every Federal employee should understand the differences in these two actions before seeking one or the other. Select this link to Learn about Reassignments Select this link to Learn About Transfers.

Take the “Difficult” Quiz

Does your employer think of you as “difficult” … and before you answer that, let me add that difficult employees aren’t necessarily bad employees. Some employees are viewed as “difficult” because they’re effective catalysts for organizational change. They’re engaged in their work and confident in their contributions to the workplace. They clearly communicate their desireRead… Read more »

How to Make Lemonade From Prunes: A Career Guide

Have you ever worked for someone who lived by the mantra “We’ve never done it that way and we’re not going to start now.”? If you work for the Federal government, it’s likely that you have. Oddly enough, there still remain many civil service employees across the Nation with more than 30 years of service.Read… Read more »

What is Your Employer Doing to Support Telework?

GSA is giving a boost to telework efforts! In October 2010, the U.S. General Services Administration announced a significant step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They also expect to save millions of federal travel dollars in the process. Early in 2011, GSA will open “virtual meeting centers” in federal buildings across the country. When operational,Read… Read more »

Does the BCS Fall Short of Its Goals?

The Bowl Championship Series claims to have been “undeniably successful” in achieving their goal of pitting the two top-rated teams in the country in a national championship game, while creating exciting and competitive matchups among eight other highly regarded teams in four other bowl games. So why does it seem to many of us thatRead… Read more »

Social Network Postings are ‘Protected Concerted Activity’

At last! A bit of guidance is surfacing about social networks and the employer-employee relationship. Coming to you via a recent decision by way of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), “employees have the right to freely comment on workplace issues over social networks.” In their ruling, the NLRB, found that the “employee’s Facebook postingsRead… Read more »

…But Do You Respect Your HR Team?

Once viewed as a necessary evil to the organization, today’s effective HR Teams are no longer an organizational obstacle. Do you believe that? Before you answer, check out what employees have said at Google, SAS Southwest Airlines and, yes, even the govies at the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. Today’s global network demands that successful Human ResourcesRead… Read more »