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Does Social Media Really Matter to HR?

This morning, HCI Blogger Hillary Roberts asked, “Has the endless debate between risk mitigators and cheerleaders left HR confused about how social media should be used by your organization?” After surveying over 800 HR specialists, the Human Capital Institute wondered what social media sites were favored by HR professionals and how were they used toRead… Read more »

Leaders: Be Strong & Develop Thyself

In a recent article by HCI Blogger Joy Kosta, she asked “what keeps leaders going?” She laid out 5 characteristics and abilities that came from the Mckinsey Global Survey to achieve “centered” leadership. She also made a good point about leaders investing in themselves in order to be successful at giving back to others andRead… Read more »

Give Yourself a Pat on The Back!

Ed O’Keefe published an article in today’s Washington Post that’s a nice pat-on-the-back to Govies, recognizing that we really are the ones who keep things going, and who do so with honor, integrity, and respect for our Nation’s fiduciary responsibilities to its citizens. Here’s an excerpt from Ed’s Fed Eye commentary: —————————————————————————– The nation’s federalRead… Read more »

Will Aunt Mary Affect Your Employment?

Call it what you want … Aunt Mary, skunk, boom, MJ, Mary Jane, reefer, weed. But whatever you call it, 14 U.S. States now allow use of marijuana for medical reasons. There’s very little court action to guide employers on this subject … even less is written about how this State law affects Federal employeesRead… Read more »

E2E: What Can You Expect?

You’ve been hearing a lot lately about the President’s Hiring Reform Initiative but you probably haven’t seen too much of it yet. What can you expect? The “Go Live” date is November 1, 2010. At that point, Federal vacancy announcements must abide to: · Eliminate written essay-style questions (KSAs) · Allow individuals to apply withRead… Read more »

Pledge to America Could Mean Peril for Govies

Lawmakers recently unveiled their “Pledge to America” and invited Congress to approve several bills that would reduce the size of government which they believe will rein in spending. The “Pledge” itself is awesome! It reminded me of what it truly means to be an American. It also reminded me of the reasons why I choseRead… Read more »

Retirement Planning

It’s never too soon to start planning for retirement. The earlier you get started, the less expensive it will be to set yourself up for your future! So, when you find yourself wondering what you have to do NOW to be all set, here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself —Read… Read more »

Do Different Masters Make a Difference?

Who’s responsible for the day-to-day employment decisions in your agency? Is it an appointed or elected official or a career employee? Does the position make a difference? Everyday, organizations make decisions that directly affect the terms and conditions of our employment. Who to select for promotion, who will be reassigned or detailed, to whom recognitionRead… Read more »