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How Do you Feel About Sneaky? Lawmakers Lob Scud Two

Last night, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved to modify the federal pension system that would increase the amount government employees contribute to their pensions. Quietly tucked away into the 2012 American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (aka: The Highway Bill), this stand-alone legislation (H.R. 3813 as incorporated into H.R. 7), would requireRead… Read more »

Keeping Track! The Next Scud Hits Federal Compensation

So many pieces of legislation and so little time for campaigners to come up with ways to inhibit/prohibit pay increases for Federal employees. Proposals are coming out of Washington like scud missiles but looking less like true, well-researched bills to address real concerns with Federal compensation. What’s next? Freezing promotions? Here’s an abridged list ofRead… Read more »

Thinking of Retiring? Take the Social Security Quiz

If you’re a Federal employee who’s covered under the FERS Retirement System, did you know that one-third of your retirement income will depend on your Social Security benefits! The other two-thirds is determined by what you have emassed in your TSP account and by the pension determination made by OPM based on your average “HighRead… Read more »

Everyone Wants to Manage Us but No One Wants to Work Here!

According to the January 16th article in FedSmith titled Debating the Cost of Federal Employees, “Recent reports in the media … have sparked a debate about whether or not federal employees are overpaid at a time when the federal deficit is soaring. Federal employee unions contend that federal employees are substantially underpaid, whereas others argueRead… Read more »

Hiring Reform: Do You Want Fast or Competent?

Twenty months after its implementation, Hiring Reform is showing up on “Watchdog Radar” by those looking to applaud its success or to point a finger at its failure. I’m just trying to figure out if Hiring Reform is another political initiative or if it truly will improve the performance of the Feds recruitment and hiringRead… Read more »

BURNING QUESTION #1: Will Federal Pay Again be Frozen in 2012?

As the 2011 calendar year winds down, faint recollections of last year’s pay freeze dance in the minds of many Federal employees. Will it happen again this year? As the old 8-Ball says, “The answer points to ‘Yes’.” The Administration already proposed a 2-year pay freeze on Federal civlian salaries arguing that this was measureRead… Read more »

MANAGING ATTENDANCE: What Every Supervisor Should Know

Contrary to popular belief, Federal employees having Career Tenure are not made of Teflon®; they are subject to the same disciplinary measures as their private sector counterparts. Career Tenure was originally adopted solely for the purpose of restricting the power of the President of the United States to remove certain office-holders without the approval ofRead… Read more »