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Innovation is like Poker: A Day to Learn and a Lifetime to Master

This was originally posted on It struck me last week that innovating in the public sector is a lot like playing Poker. Good players will tell you that it’s not sheer luck, but rather a combination of skill, strategy and tactics. In this spirit, I’ve taken the liberty of recasting 10 of the mostRead… Read more »

RESPECT: Just a Little Bit!

Do you ever have those days, weeks, or months where life just gets you down? Too many projects to juggle. Too many battles too fight. Too many bills to pay. Not enough hours in the day. Do you ever feel like this? My self-portrait! The last few weeks have been rough. Getting my daughter StephRead… Read more »

Practicing Happiness

“Happiness is the Consequence of Personal Effort” This is a quote I pulled out of my copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eay Pray Love – – a book I’ve kept next to my bed for the past 3 years that serves as a fixed reminder of the utter sweetness of striving. The other day while cleaningRead… Read more »

Have a Pulse

Want to do something incredible in your life? 1. Get excited. 2. Get a vision. 3. Get it done! It’s not rocket science. It’s more having a pulse. Be honest with who you are, what makes you tick, and what drives you to bliss (ie; what you’re doing when you forget to eat/sleep). The worldRead… Read more »

I had my own Wimbledon Moment (or… “Life Lessons from Tennis”)

I had my own Wimbledon moment this week. Played tennis with a friend to a 5-5 tie Tuesday morning. Then like Mahut I finished that set this morning and lost 8-6 and then lost the 2nd set 6-2. Life lessons from tennis… I play better if I’m not thinking ahead to the next point orRead… Read more »

Everything I know about social media I learned from my dog

My deep dark secret is that my dog is on Facebook and Twitter and has more friends and followers than my personal accounts. He also blogs. While I was already active on Twitter, Facebook and blogging for Virginia State Parks, it took my experience with Yoda (that’s my dog’s name) to see the power ofRead… Read more »