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What DC Government does really well

Yesterday, Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia held primary elections. Yes, presidential primaries, but what some people might not realize is that there were many congressional and local positions up for grabs as well. I had a really cool opportunity to play helper bee yesterday at the DC Board of Elections and Ethics, thanksRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Local governments ranked on social media engagement

On GovLoop I’ve read plenty of anecdotes about cities getting involved in social media, from a local Department of Transportation that responds to inquiries on Twitter to a local power authority dealing with its namesake being used on social. But what cities are best at social media? A study by the University of Chicago recentlyRead… Read more »

DIY government holiday

We’ve all pretty much accepted that St. Patrick’s day is a new American holiday, regardless of the amount of Irish whiskey blood pumping through your veins. Around the country, we observe this day by drinking beer and wearing sparkly green pants and shamrock sunglasses. What do we do to observe non-religious holidays? President’s Day, MemorialRead… Read more »

What’s my obligation?

During a meeting this past weekend I once again had the chance to interact with local government officials from all over the country. I attended an excellent session on social media, mostly to see the reactions and hear the questions from meeting attendees. What I heard from them was the same thing I had beenRead… Read more »

And your momma dresses you funny, too!

In addition to local governments, I also do a bit of work with small businesses helping with their communications and social media outreach. Just last week, two unrelated businesses dealt with the same issue, the grumpy customer. Business A sells finished industrial products and is in its third generation. They are considered experts in theirRead… Read more »

Mobile app design and organization

Mobile apps are hot. Everyone’s got one, from grocery stores to travel companies to whisky distillers. Last week Rob Giggey began an interesting discussion about whether or not agencies/departments within a single government entity should have their own mobile apps.Should we separate a public library database search from emergency services and general info into theirRead… Read more »

Should Government Contractors Be Banned From Making Political Contributions?

Legislation banning government contractors from making political contributions to government officials often called “Pay to Play” exists in eleven states. Three cities in New Jersey: Newark, Jersey City, and Hoboken also have enacted legislation prohibiting Pay to Play. Companies and individuals that conduct business with cities and counties often provide the lion’s share of campaignRead… Read more »

Who’s the boss?

Every good, successful team is lead by an effective leader. Part of your organization’s media plan must focus on your team’s structure, even if there are just two members. A social media team is only as knowledgeable and functional as its players…with a leader who delegates responsibility and provides guidance towards achieving objectives and establishingRead… Read more »