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5 Ways Local Government is Transforming the Citizen Experience With Communications

We have a world in which citizens find it easier to compare pubs than public schools, to compare hotels than hospitals. It’s a missed opportunity for governments not only to improve the lives of the people they serve, but also to demonstrate their value and increase civic engagement.

How to Work with the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity about Government Work

While government workers are usually motivated by intrinsic values of the organizational mission, understanding the unique factors of what makes your employees more satisfied and engaged at work is an important organizational feedback loop that lowers employee turnover, increases employee loyalty, improves productivity, and ultimately results in greater organizational impact and long-term success.

Transforming Local Government In the Cloud

Emerging technology and local government initiatives are empowering cities and counties to transform how services are delivered to citizens, how staff communicate and collaborate. As a result, cities and counties are delivering improved services, driving higher levels of employee productivity, all while realizing significant cost savings. Office 365 has entered as a cost-effective option for… Read more »

Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Local Government

There’s been a lot of attention paid lately to the 13 percent statistic: the portion of chief administrative officers in local governments that are women stands at 13 percent, roughly the same figure it was in the 1980s. It’s an important issue, and a complicated one, and I asked my colleague Jan Perkins for someRead… Read more »

3 Municipal Broadband Success Stories

Over the course of 10 years, Seattle has studied the possibility of creating a municipal-run broadband network seven times, most recently this year. Although it was determined in June that the cost would be lower than expected (somewhere in the range of $463 million to $630 million), city officials again rejected the idea, citing barriersRead… Read more »

I’ve Joined the UK’s Knowledge Hub. Here’s Why

Imagine a virtual place where people who work in the wider public sector could find and network with each other, collaborate and publish, share anything, create and join expert groups. A place where a public servant or health worker or councillor or local government officer or charity worker or trustee could find and connect withRead… Read more »