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Notes from National League of Cities: How To Inject Innovation into Local Government

Another day at the National League of Cities Congress and Exposition, another opportunity for insight. Right now, I’m in a workshop being led by Patrick Ibarra entitled “How To Inject Innovation into Local Government.” Ibarra is the Co-Founder and Partner of The Mejorando Group based in Glendale, Arizona. Here are some of my notes fromRead… Read more »

Notes from National League of Cities: The Power of People Like You (My Slides)

In two previous blog posts, I highlighted remarks from Harvard’s John O’Leary and PTI’s Alan Shark and a keynote by Obama campaign guru Andrew Bleeker. Below is my slide deck, which tells the story of James Hammond from the City of East Point, Georgia, who was seeking advice from GovLoop’ers as he launched social mediaRead… Read more »

The Case for Youth Engagement

(This article was prepared for the Oklahoma Academy’s 2010 Town Hall on municipal government. If, like me, your ADD struggles with the line spacing below, download the PDF here: The Case for Youth Engagement.pdf) The Case for Youth EngagementThe issue of youth engagement often falls on the back burner for most municipal governments — anRead… Read more »

Lessons from NAGW 2010

* cross-posted on I just got back from the wildly useful annual conference of the National Association of Government Webmasters in the architecturally beautiful City of St. Louis. Here’s a summary of my personal highlights from the conference. Keynote speaker web usability whiz Jared Spool offered an entertaining look at usability, including how educationalRead… Read more »

A Selection: Read, Comment or Criticize: It’s your call!

Below I have posted the links for those interested in catching up on some of my previous blogs, which mostly pre-date my joining GovLoop. Feel free to comment or criticize as you see fit. If it helps me (or anybody else) develop, then that’s a good result as far as I’m concerned. 20 July 2010:Read… Read more »

Transparency without a Community Makes You Invisible #LocalGovChat

The argument of whether to prioritize and set goals for transparency or responsiveness when implementing #Gov20 for local government agencies gets mixed reactions. It’s easy to say both should be a priority, but with limited time, money and man power this isn’t always a realistic option. So what’s the answer? It’s impossible to get evenRead… Read more »

When a city works: sharing Central Park with a dog, a husband, and a couple of thousand triathletes who have just swum the Hudson River

Today my husband, dog, and I went to Central Park for a photo shoot–for my husband and dog. Jeff (the husband) has a book coming out about project management at the end of the year. He’s upgrading his website, and so he hired a very nice photographer to take pictures for his website that showRead… Read more »