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Government Reform: The New Zealand Example (Part 2)

New Zealand’s government reform efforts over the past quarter century have yielded both positive results as well as cautionary tales. Its proposed next steps, however, are worth examining. At the World Bank’s series of forums on performance management, I found John Whitehead’s insights particularly interesting. Whitehead is a former secretary of the Treasury in NewRead… Read more »

Government Reform: An International Snapshot of Progress on Performance Management (Part 1)

The World Bank held a series of seminars this past Spring on the state of the international public sector performance and results movement over the past two decades. I came away more encouraged than I had expected regarding advances in several developing nations – with implications for the more developed countries. The World Bank heldRead… Read more »

Are you fluent in the art of asking questions?

We all ask a lot of questions, but do we ask the right questions? In the right way? To the right person? At the right time? Who would have thought asking questions would be such an involved process, but it is. Particularly in government, where we deal with bosses, managers, supervisors, and colleagues in differentRead… Read more »

Meet the Goals – No Less (and No More) – John Kinser

“Folks, I have some good news and I have some bad news” the pilot announced. “We have landed in Atlanta way early, but there is a plane at our gate and it will be about 20 minutes before they move.” Throughout the plane you could hear the moans and comments about the airline’s inability toRead… Read more »

Top Ten Strategies For Managing A Virtual Workforce

Many of our clients are dealing with the challenges of managing the virtual workforce with colleagues spread out in different locations and multiple time zones. Since our inception 14 years ago, Strategic Partners has been managing a virtual workforce. What follows are 10 strategies that we have adopted to help our virtual workforce enhance theirRead… Read more »