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Too soon old: Age discrimination realities

Age discrimination is illegal but we all know many companies prefer to hire young. If you’re over 40 — yes 40! — and looking for a job you will benefit from the tips Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Strategist, provides in this video. What are a company’s concerns about hiring older workers? How do you strategizeRead… Read more »

Overcoming rejection in the job search

The Two Poisons That Destroy Your Job Search ChancesThere are two kinds of poison that can destroy someone’s job search,both stemming from your reaction to rejection.As most people know, the job search is filled with rejection. (InRichard Nelson Bolles’s classic book, What Color is Your Parachute,it’s described as “no no no no no no noRead… Read more »

Weekly Research and Best Practices

Research Citizens give government low transparency rating (10/20/2010) – New study finds proven relationship between transparency, satisfaction and trust. Research shows that higher transparency leads to higher citizen satisfaction with government, which in turn leads to higher trust. Best practices in mobile web apps (10/21/2010) – World Wide Web Consortium proposes guidelines for developingRead… Read more »


I go to meetings because that’s often where people go to learn something new. When I connect, I want to make an impression. Neither one of us has time for an extended discussion as the value is in meeting the people in the room, and following the discussion. Rather than trying to make sales, IRead… Read more »

Executive Orders on Contractors Can Protect Library Workers

On the Government Info Pro… Thanks to Kathy Kelly, MSLS, C.A. for this guest post on the Government Info Pro: Executive Orders on Contractors Can Protect Library Workers. Here’s an excerpt: Library professionals familiar with the challenges faced by federal libraries know that due to budget constraints some of these libraries are partially or fullyRead… Read more »

That “Ah-Ha!” Moment

I had been HUD’s web manager for 8 years before I actually watched someone use our website during usability testing. We had won awards for our customer-friendly content, and I was just so sure that we had most of it right. Then I watched 3 people struggle to find the answers to, what we thoughtRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: “What’s My Role? Step-By-Step Hiring Guide for Federal Managers”

Our friends at the Partnership for Public Service have done it again, producing another incredible resource for Federal employees. This time, they’ve created “What’s My Role? A Step-by-Step Hiring Guide for Federal Managers.” As soon as we found out about it, we wanted to ask them a few more questions. 1. What inspired the PartnershipRead… Read more »

TPM and ASTD Partner to Provide Complimentary Training for Federal Human Resources, Training & Development, and Management Professionals

October 25-26, Alexandria, VA As federal agencies face the new challenges of an environment of expanding missions, shrinking resources, greater accountability, and increased expectations, their HR, training and management professionals are being asked to ensure that their talent capacity adapts to changing priorities, changing focus, and even changing mission over the long term. Strategic talentRead… Read more »