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HR=Humans Represent: All Alone In A Crowd

This week’s blog follows up on my August 2, 2010 post – Networking by the Numbers and Offline Opportunities, as far as how you can get yourself noticed amongst the masses of the career-seeking crowd. Yes, it demands some thought, and a little creativity, but it may just pay off for you in the longRead… Read more »

New Rules for the New Resume

Hi everyone – I’m excited to be here at GovLoop! A bit about me, I’m a Director of Communications at the Government of Ontario, Canada, working in Cabinet Office. I’m also a late GenX and early Netgen kinda guy! I write to an internal Ontario gov blog and thought I’d share and cross-post some ofRead… Read more »


When asked, most people believe they take 100% responsibility for their lives. Do you? Have you ever blamed someone or something for things that has gone wrong? Have you ever complained about someone or something? If you have/do, you give up responsibility. Recently on Face Book I reconnected with an acquaintance from my youth. AsRead… Read more »

Success Rule # 3 – Volunteer for more work

Yup that’s right. I find, when asked, most people WANT more work – as long as it’s meaningful and purposeful. When possible look for those opportunities. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the team, to learn something new, and to gain an appreciation … and greater understanding perhaps of the bigger picture. When you volunteerRead… Read more »


SUCCESS RULE NUMBER 2 – ENJOY WHAT YOU DO. Have you ever worked for a miserable person? Not fun is it? Usually this person is self centered and only concerned about themselves, and typically takes pleasure in bring those around them to their miserable level. Not you. Be excited about what you do. There isRead… Read more »

Rule #1 – Success – It’s Everything You Think It is

Success in life depends on 2 things . . . What you THINK you can do and the amount of EFFORT you’re willing to put forth to accomplish it. Everything you do is created twice; the first is in your thoughts. Before it can be created it MUST be dreamed. They are YOUR dreams soRead… Read more »

The Government Is Hiring™ has been paying attention, and we have the inside scoop on how to crack the code and land a secure rewarding career with the Federal Government. There are hundreds of thousands of job that have been created by the current administration to help deal with the unemployment crises, so their hearts are in theRead… Read more »