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Social Events and Political Savvy

It is that time of year again when organizations have social functions. Always remember that work social events are an informal extension of the organization. So to make sure you are politically savvy I have put together some Dos and Don’ts for your sucess this social season. Don’ts Don’t lie and not show up Don’tRead… Read more »

The Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist: An Introspection

This post originally appeared on my primary blog, “Social Media Strategery.” “The Social Media Strategist must choose one of two career paths – build proactive programs now…or be relegated to ongoing cleanup as social media help desk.” Not surprisingly, Jeremiah Owyang and the Altimeter Group have put together yet another thought-provoking report chock full ofRead… Read more »

The Era of Compromise is Over

With the midterm elections safely behind them, elected officials now come to the most difficult part of their adventure—leading and making good on all of those campaign promises. An election is never an easy endeavor and the dirty little secret is that the real work begins after victory is declared. The challenge before the nextRead… Read more »

5 Do’s & Don’t for Better Social Media in Government

Everyone is talking about social media, but what is the purpose of investing time in these efforts from a government perspective? There are several reasons why it makes sense to invest time on-line. Here are three major ones: Learn what customers are saying about your services Make relationships with people in your community Allow yourRead… Read more »

What is Your Employer Doing to Support Telework?

GSA is giving a boost to telework efforts! In October 2010, the U.S. General Services Administration announced a significant step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They also expect to save millions of federal travel dollars in the process. Early in 2011, GSA will open “virtual meeting centers” in federal buildings across the country. When operational,Read… Read more »

The When of Leadership

This post began as “Is Everyone a Leader?.” I quickly realized that this is truly determined though the crashing together of needed skills, desire or duty, the situation, and timing. John Wayne typically played characters that are leaders – people follow him over the hill or turn to him for “The Plan.” To the contrary,Read… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Make Creating Meeting Minutes More Efficient

Your email inbox is overflowing, your phone is ringing constantly, and your assistant is on vacation. Requests are pouring in for more detailed information about the council meeting, and you haven’t even turned on your computer yet. If only you could check-off the most important post-meeting task, “Finish Minutes,” within an hour of arriving intoRead… Read more »

7 questions to reflect on before hiring a college intern for social media

Originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog: 7 questions to reflect on before hiring a college intern for social media Wait! Don’t hire that college intern for your social media needs… not just yet, at least. First: Stop, and reflect on the following questions: What do I know about their use of social media? Sure, theyRead… Read more »