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A Belated GovLoop Anniversary

Life moves fast and often it’s easy to miss anniversaries and birthdays. I’ve had a couple big ones recently and thought I’d step back and honor them. Last week was my 30th bday which I blogged about September 28th marked my 1-year anniversary of working on GovLoop full-time. On that date, GovLoop became a subsidiaryRead… Read more »

How Do Rocket Scientists Learn? (aka, knowledge management lessons learned at Goddard, NASA)

Originally posted at my blog: Rocket scientists, software developers, systems engineers, and all the other people that work at Goddard helping us better understand the earth and space are smart. That’s a given. But how do they improve their practice, learn from each other, and continue to improve on overwhelmingly complex tasks? In aRead… Read more »

My Cup of IT: FISMA Insecurity Part I

By: Steve O’Keeffe “Why are agencies forced to pay twice to C&A systems?” said the exasperated and cash-strapped Federal IT exec. “If agency A wants to use a system from agency B – a system that has already been C&A’d – then agency A needs to pay for a completely new C&A. If we’reRead… Read more »

Upcoming events on public engagement in Austin, Boston, Cupertino, Denver and Portland

Members of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) are hosting budget-friendly regional events this October and November in 5 cities across the country, and we’d love to see lots of GovLoop members there! All 5 events are posted at GovLoop: – Denver, Colorado – The Wellshire Inn on Friday, October 22, 2010 –Read… Read more »

Effects of Reductions in Force?

Like many of you, I was horrified by the recent NY Times article on the effects of drastic cuts in local and state government. “Reductions in force” (as government layoffs are called) have had a major impact on communities around the nation. So for, layoffs seemt to have mainly occurred in local and state governmentRead… Read more »

Local Government Hiring: Interview with HR at Washoe County, NV

Interview with Margaret Brindzak, Human Resources Analyst, Washoe County, NV. Thanks, Margaret! 1. I know local governments have been hit hard by the recession. How has hiring been reduced? Have there been layoffs or furloughs? We have had layoffs and a hiring freeze on positions. 2. What positions do you hire for the most? ClericalRead… Read more »

Survivor Annuity, Retire Happy, Save a Life – Maybe Your Own, & UPDATES

A soon to be retired fed contacted me last month about an estimate they received from their HR department with a grossly incorrect survivor benefit cost estimate. The employee was advised that a full survivor benefit for their spouse would reduce their monthly benefit by one third! Incorrect high estimates like this can put theRead… Read more »