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What’s the Deal with ‘Tightsizing’?

The Federal Times posted an article online yesterday about the emerging trend of ‘tightsizing’ in the federal government. Agencies are looking to reduce the office space of employees to accommodate more feds. The idea is that by fitting more workers into an already existing work space it prevents an agency form leasing additional real estateRead… Read more »

A-133 Compliance Supplement Is Here!

Finally, the Office of Management and Budget has released the 2011 Circular A-133 audit guidance document. As usual, new programs have been added, other programs have been deleted, and individual program descriptions have been updated. In addition, OMB has added guidance and references relating to Transparency Act reporting, and clarified reporting requirements and auditors’ responsibilitiesRead… Read more »

Is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office a brand?

Talk of government departments as ‘brands’ makes many civil servants uneasy. If they wanted that sort of talk, they’d go to Hoxton, not Whitehall. Yet when the concept of, for example, the FCO as a brand comes under some threat, then there’s a different kind of uneasiness. That uneasiness includes me – earlier this week,Read… Read more »

The Foreign Office on Foursquare

The regular reader of these chunterings will have noticed a pattern. How you decipher that pattern is up to you. Where I see the ‘dissemination of relevant content through all available channels to established audiences across the digital sphere’, you might see ‘obsessive bandwagon jumping, ticking off social media trying to look trendy’. Either way,Read… Read more »

Know the OPTEMPO in your AO: Acronyms Around the Office

I wrote about some of my favorite around the office acronyms for – but I figure the folks in this community could probably teach me a few new ones! I’d love to hear your favorite around-the-office acronyms. Funny anecdotes also appreciated! Military acronyms – love ‘em or hate ‘em if you work in defenseRead… Read more »

The rules of engagement on social media

Digital diplomacy is a two-way street – once an organisation like the Foreign Office is publishing news, comment, and policy information on the internet , then it needs to learn how to listen and respond too.At ministerial level, this is a problem of opportunity and timetabling more than anything. Opportunities for participation on television andRead… Read more »

Learning to relax about (new) apps and (old) government brands

You’ll have noticed the drift towards freeing up the information of the UK’s Foreign Office for others to use – the feeds, the API, the social media, and so on. Getting our travel advice especially into the sites, widgets, pages, applications that others are using is hugely important. We have to take this stuff toRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Biting…The Next Big Nuisance In The Office?

Quite possibly, if left unchecked this may become the focal point of workplace complaints, grievances and charges! I’m talking about Bedbugs. Employers and their HR teams now have to worry about their responsibilities to maintain a bedbug-free workplace. While there are no regulatory provisions to provide a bedbug-free workplace, Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s statutoryRead… Read more »