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Talking to the Hard-of-Hearing

I am among the retired/aged members of this website and by now quite hard-of-hearing (hoh). I also write and still into posting online memoirs, vignettes, blogs, short stories and assorted pieces of non-fiction. About a dozen or so years ago I invited via the growing Internet other hohers (whatever their ages, self-identification discouraged) to tellRead… Read more »

How my Grandpa Stories Began

Meyer Moldeven (Greatgrandpa Mike) Here’s a true ‘grandpa’ anecdote that I wrote for my peers and added to my self-published collection several decades ago. It was well-received at the time and might still be considered appropriate among the elders that ‘are’ and ‘to be.’ During an exchange of reminiscences at a senior citizens group aRead… Read more »

Suicide Prevention:Are We Doing Enough?

Suicide Prevention:Are We Doing Enough? During ‘Viet Nam’ (year ’62 to ’74 when I retired) I had put in more than a dozen years working in the IG shop at McClellan AFB, near Sacramento. Now long deactivated, the installation had had its share of active military-tenants during its lifetime as well as an Air ForceRead… Read more »

Space logistics and replenishment of diminishing nonrenewables

“. . . nor can we consume the world’s resources without regard to effect. For the world has changed, and we must change with it.” (President Barack Obama President, The United States of America, Inaugural Address, January. 20, 2009) ~~~~~ Space and Nonrenewable Resources:yes””> One of my post-retirement writing experiments in the late 70’s wasRead… Read more »

Great-grandpa stories, stuff and such for all ages

I posted the last update to my ‘grandpa’ — now ‘great-grandpa’– stories in July, 2009. The first, an all-thumbs illustrated paper edition, was in 1987, the second in 1992, also paper, unillustrated, followed by the Gutenberg Archive Edition in 2000 at and now the last, ‘Grandma! Grandpa! You’re Too Far Away!’ a copy freelyRead… Read more »

You know President Obama’s website captains are doing good when your parents forward you a url.

Have you checked out ? The creme-de-le-creme of geeks who are part of this community have been way ahead of the curve. But when, to borrow a line from a Comcast cable commercial, “The Slowskies” catch up with technology, some who are the persistent kvetches, complainers, correspondents to the Hill, City Hall and WhiteRead… Read more »