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How to Be a Professional for Today’s Workforce

What defines a professional to you? Is it skills and abilities? Is it a state of mind? Is it both? Here’s how you can make sure you’re holding yourself to the standards of a true professional in today’s workforce.

How to Win Over Opposition and Gain Traction

Overcome opposition and achieve success. Try these 5 tested and tried tips when pitching your idea.

Perspective Matters: 3 Tips for a Better Attitude

Before my current state government position supporting AmeriCorps programs, I spent two years working as a community development consultant in Madagascar, the large island off the southeast coast of Africa. While living and working in Madagascar — a country and culture so different from our lives here in America — I learned a lot about perspective. And perspectiveRead… Read more »

Ready to Quit? Try Fixing Your Job First

It’s one of those weeks – maybe one of those months – when you’re so overwhelmed and frustrated with work than you can barely see straight. Your inbox is swamped with inane requests, your boss just gave you a passive aggressive review, and if your coworker leaves her empty soda cans in the sink one more timeRead… Read more »

Is It Time For An Attitude Check?

I recently had a long conversation with a childhood friend whom I haven’t seen for almost five years. She’s had a rough go of life, so it was fantastic to hear how well she was doing – and how much of a positive shift her life had taken. She told me she’d been meditating daily,Read… Read more »