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5 Tips for Confronting a Problem Co-Worker

It all started with an empty pot of coffee. But let me start at the beginning… Back in the olden days, when I roamed the earth with the dinosaurs, my personality was a bit different. In the workplace, I was shy and timid, and as a result, somewhat reticent. That didn’t last long, thankfully, probablyRead… Read more »

The Process Made Easy

The Only Form of Problem-Solving …What would you say if I said there are no secret processes to be had–just the basic process we can apply to every plan we have to make and every problem we have to solve? I hope you would be flabbergasted, but believe me when I say it is true.Read… Read more »

Brainstorming or A Scavenger Hunt

Michael Starobin – 1AU Global Media, LLC gave a brilliant presentation about creativity in leadership at the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland recently. One question he asked: ‘brainstorming’ – is this a creative exercise? And offered an observation: “it stinks.” WOW! This is popular exercise for organizations – business and otherwise – all you need isRead… Read more »

On Becoming a Leading “Word Artist” on Stage and Page: How to ASPIRE-2 – Part I

As a speaker, writer and leader I’m always looking to follow in the mind-prints of, or at least understand and hopefully emulate, Nobel-prize winning scientist, Albert Szent Gyorgyi’s “elegantly simple” words: “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought!” With originality as frame, form and function, whatRead… Read more »

From Passionate Process to Poetic and Playful Puzzle – Part I: The Art of Reviving and Writing “The Reorg Rag” ™

As I open this essay, please forgive an immodest turn. Upon reading or hearing one of my edgy or catchy phrasings, for example, the title of my book, Practice Safe Stress, or a motivational mantra, such as, “Do know your limits and don’t limit your ‘No’s,” I often receive some verbal or nonverbal sign ofRead… Read more »

Fish-bone diagrams and leadership

The following was part of a dialogue with a colleague regarding leadership influence in an organization, problem-solving, and my thoughts on my approach to leadership from 2007. The response uses several concepts from books we were discussing regarding strategy, change, and leadership to highlight one approach to leading change and facilitating innovation. The references areRead… Read more »