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4 Questions for Clear and Compassionate Communication

We all want to be heard and understood, especially in a difficult conversation. Ask yourself these four questions beforehand to help your message come across clearly and compassionately to the listener.

Stop Dishing Out Bad Juju by Flipping Your Inner Conflict Script

We all have to work with other people in our careers and we’re never going to get along with every single person but we can definitely take an active role in attempting to. Conflicts exist in all work places and in the public sector there are some antagonists that can lead to additional strain onRead… Read more »

3 Business Lessons from the Batting Cage

Learning how to succeed in business can come from a variety of diverse sources. It may include mentors, managers and multiple teams of staffers that you meet during your career. Inspiration for solid business practices may also result from other life experiences, including sports. The three business lessons I learned from the batting cage coverRead… Read more »