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DorobekINSIDER Live: A Cybersecurity To-Do List

Cybersecurity is everywhere. Major attacks dominate the media, agencies shape their strategies around security, and almost all new employees have to learn about computer safety tips when they start a new job. But despite this apparent pervasive quality of cybersecurity, many agencies still struggle to develop a clear to-do list.

Safeguarding against Shadow IT

This interview is an excerpt from our recent guide, The Future of Cybersecurity, which examines 15 trends transforming the way government safeguards information and technology. Increasingly, consumers want to bring their own technology solutions and devices into the workplace. However, “shadow IT” – unauthorized devices used within the workplace without the knowledge of the ITRead… Read more »

The Visibility Problem

The bridge between the IT world and the “real” world seems to be widening. IT folks are tackling complex technology issues of today without fully understanding how minor errors can majorly impact the everyday user. Meanwhile, us common folk don’t even understand what makes the Internet work. The two worlds can’t seem to collide, oneRead… Read more »