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Creating a Holistic Environment with Multiple Solutions

This interview is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, The DoD of Tomorrow, which explores how the department is transforming its operations, technology, workforce, and acquisitions process to confront 21st century challenges. The Department of Defense is an incredibly multifaceted organization. To support that complexity, DoD personnel must craft an equally dynamic IT architecture whileRead… Read more »

Supporting Insider Threat Identification with Continuous Monitoring

The following interview with Chris LaPoint, Group Vice President of Product Management at SolarWinds, is an excerpt from our recent guide, Securing Government: Lessons from the Cyber Frontlines. In this guide, we review five tactics government organizations are using to enhance their cybersecurity. The risk of insider threats isn’t anything new – recent breaches like WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden’sRead… Read more »

Insider Threats: The Stranger Next Door

Cybersecurity dialogues often talk about threats and breaches stemming from hackers, terrorists, and cyber-criminals. However, there are significant threats that come from individuals who are closer than you think – maybe even the person you sit next to at the office. SolarWinds, an IT management software company, recently researched insider threats to the federal government.Read… Read more »

How Streamlined Data Leads to Better Decisions

The following is an excerpt from the GovLoop Guide, The Joint Information Environment: The IT Framework for the Future. You can access the full report here, in which we describe the JIE and impact it is making at the Department of Defense.  The Joint Information Environment promises to create a consolidated IT infrastructure across theRead… Read more »