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House Hearing Reveals Strengths and Weaknesses of 18F, USDS

A June U.S. Government Accountability Office report on 18F and USDS revealed that the groups are making positive changes in government but must continue working to improve in the future.

5 Steps to Start Using DevOps

This post is an excerpt from our recent “Guide to DevOps in Government“. The full guide is available for download at this link. Once you  understand the value of DevOps, how do you get started? Especially if your teams work in strict silos, without tools to foster collaboration, you might be overwhelmed at the prospect ofRead… Read more »

Learn How to Recruit Millennials

In part one of our millennial blog post with Deloitte we debunked millennial myths in government. In part two, we look at how to actually bring those millennials into government. With every new generation government must find new ways to attract and recruit the next group of employees. This time around, government needs to hireRead… Read more »