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5 Ways to Build a Personal Brand – And Put it Into Action

Your personal brand is what makes you unique. It is what distinguishes you, and how people remember you. Your personal brand comprises your entire image: It’s how you communicate to the world online and offline to your citizens, your colleagues and your network. Phone conversations, emails you send, the way you conduct meetings—these are allRead… Read more »

How to Define and Build Your Personal Brand

Sometimes you have to be the hero of your own story. Promotions or new careers rarely just fall into your lap. You have to be a very active participant in your own career growth in public service. But how do you do that? How do you empower yourself? The first step is to create yourRead… Read more »


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How to Develop Your Personal Brand

“So, tell me about yourself.” It should be the easiest question in any job interview. But surprisingly, many of us completely fumble our answers. Maybe it’s because we’re young and just starting out in our professional journeys, so there isn’t much to tell yet. Or maybe it’s because we really don’t know how we defineRead… Read more »