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Improving Your Government Brand by Providing Great Experiences to Users

Users who access government services expect the same response and capabilities they have with commercial applications they use regularly on their personal devices. Providing this same experience to the people an agency serves creates a positive brand and shows users they are valued.

“Skinny Oreos,” Broken Brand

Brand Essence: Noun. A feeling. The instinctive, unconscious emotional reaction people have whenever they encounter you. Today I learned that Oreos are going on a diet. Despite the fact that 50% of Oreo consumers split the cookie apart before eating it, the Associated Press reports, there will soon be a new version called “Oreo Thins”Read… Read more »

Digital Engagement Series Part 3: Build Your Brand

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. You have learned how to create and implement organizational objectives and develop a target audience. The next step is to unfold your brand.Step three of the public engagement series will give you a better understanding of what branding means to government organizations and how to set a foundation for allRead… Read more »

5 Laws of Branding You’d Rather Not Hear

1. Branding is about making money – not making you feel good. Last year’s “The Lone Ranger” was a box-office flop. Its star Johnny Depp commented, “They had expectations that it must be a blockbuster. I didn’t have any expectations of that. I never do.” Maybe Depp doesn’t care, but Disney surely does, having lost $160-190Read… Read more »

Discover Your Brand, Discover Your Life

“What do you want to order?” my husband always asks me at the Chinese restaurant. After fifteen years going there, we know the three lunch specials among which we rotate but imagine it is always a choice. “Oh, I’ll just have what you’re having,” I always say. Because no matter what you order there, itRead… Read more »

Are “Concerned Employees” Destroying Your Brand?

You think your reputation is excellent. After all: Your recruitment video is top-notch. Your “brand ambassadors” are the best on campus. Your marketing materials are beyond compare. But your news coverage is kind of…pesky. Employees “talking trash,” who never took their case to you before “spilling it.” Consider these examples: The U.S. Customs and BorderRead… Read more »