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Competitive Resilience at the FTA

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is turning storms into ingenuity and inspiration through its grant programs. This spark of ingenuity came from a place of hardship for Americans. We all remember the devastation that followed Superstorm Sandy. The 2012 hurricane triggered one of the worst public transportation disasters in US history, flooding and damaging railRead… Read more »

Using Data to Improve Foreign Assistance

We often forget the human aspect of data but improving data analytics and capabilities is more than just improving government. It means accessibility to water for someone halfway across the world, better building of schools, or smarter agricultural development methods in rural impoverished areas. When it comes down to it, big data can be harnessed toRead… Read more »

Why Connected Care Creates Better Communities

Smarter cities are now building citizen-centered social programs backed by big data analytics. They’re using this technology to improve social welfare and alleviate socioeconomic distress. In a recent IBM report, Dr. Jonathan Fielding, now retired Director and Health Officer of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said, “An innovative strategy that introduces improvedRead… Read more »

Communicating Complexities Clearly

The American public often gets sidetracked from important issues. Reality TV and celebrity news distract us from important government discussions and policy problems-like science. Yawn. Science? There’s only so much Bill Nye the Science Guy I can watch. Sheril Kirshenbaum, director of  The Energy Poll at the University of Texas, reminded us why we should careRead… Read more »

Defending America with Sticky Notes

The story of defending America with sticky notes, or why government needs a generation of young innovators to spread design thinking, tells the story of a small group of young govies who set out to bring innovative ideas and creative processes to the Pentagon. They failed, they learned, but now, they are succeeding as changeRead… Read more »

Know Your Worth

Government- we live for it, we fight for it, we bleed for it. Okay, maybe that’s a little much. But one thing is certain, young govies are highly invested in their careers because they are invested in serving the public. Just as they say in the highly popular Game of Thrones series, govies say, “TheRead… Read more »

Teambuilding with Multiple Generations

With four generations spanning our government workforce, many have asked- how can we level all generations and skills to build successful teams and make government better? Leaders in government, young and old, come from all walks of life. Government’s challenge is to harness the diverse skillset, listen to all perspectives, and help generations work together.Read… Read more »

To Be Brave or Not to be Brave? Is it Even a Question?

That’s what Elizabeth Fischer Laurie, keynote speaker for Tuesday’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit, asked. As Attorney Advisor of the Department of Health and Human Services, Fischer Laurie addressed typical images that arise when we think of bravery. We often think of cops chasing after the bad guys or firefighters risking their lives to saveRead… Read more »