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6 Free Apps To Make Your Team More Productive

Tire of interminable email threads that you’re not even sure you should be cc’d on, and tasks missed because no one realized they were responsible for them? When you’re trying to coordinate a large team, good communication is crucial for making projects run smoothly – but group emails and drive-by meetings can sometimes just lead toRead… Read more »

How To Find Your Priorities (and Stop Working Overtime)

The hour hand is creeping towards 5pm, but your to-do list is only a little over halfway done. The day’s been one never-ending chaos train as emails, impromptu meetings, and emergency tasks are thrown at you. Some of it can wait until tomorrow, but there’s still that one – let’s face it, two – major tasksRead… Read more »

5 Principles for Better Government PowerPoint Presentations

You need to rethink your PowerPoint presentations. We’ve all had the experience of being lured into a drowsy stupor by a lackluster presentation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A great PowerPoint can harness the power of visual aids, becoming a phenomenal recall aid to expand the impact of your presentation. Ready toRead… Read more »

How to Bounce Back from Failure

Nobody likes to fail, but it’s only by dizzying leaps of faith that test your skills (and your character) that we can grow as humans. And sometimes? Sometimes we miss the mark. Some risks backfire embarrassingly, while others backfire so spectacularly you might be fooled into thinking you’ll never recover. (But you will!) If you’veRead… Read more »

How to Give Difficult Feedback Constructively

As a manager, giving difficult feedback to an employee can be one of the hardest parts of your job. The conversation can be fraught with peril. If done well, giving tough feedback can help your team member grow – but if done poorly, you risk consequences like straining your relationship, or demoralizing him or her. SometimesRead… Read more »