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What’s Your Game?

Troy Mathis knows how to talk. And he speaks in a way that makes you want to listen. His session -Make It Matter: Personal Professional Branding, at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit was high-energy, engaging, and inspiring. After listening to his presentation and going through the steps, I’ve come away with the realizationRead… Read more »

Let’s Get ‘Appy

Everyone knows that app contests are exciting. Ideas, fueled by caffeine and youthful energy, combined with the prospect of an eventual payday paint a picture that most organizations can’t resist. And for the open government community, it’s even more enticing, since app contest are an opportunity to engage residents in ‘doing good’ by enticing developersRead… Read more »

Unless There’s a Ring on My Finger, We’re Not Engaged

Once upon a time engaged meant going from single to partnered. Or it meant a variation of being busy – for better worse. These days engagement is such a buzzword in business-speak that it oversaturates our workplace communications. And this engagement isn’t a romantic proposal; it’s a request for our undivided attention. Is asking forRead… Read more »