What Gov 2.0 Needs Now: Managers, Money and Models

*************************************************************************** GovLoop is proud to have HP as one of its 2010 Partners. *************************************************************************** Many in the government 2.0 community are taking stock of the current state of the movement, asking questions like: Steve Ressler: Is Gov 2.0 in a sophomore slump? Adriel Hampton: Is the Gov 2.0 movement losing steam? Andrea DiMaio: How DoRead… Read more »

GovUp Huntsville

The Huntsville GovUp was small but very VERY cool! We had people from NASA, OPM, DOD, GSA, among other agencies and everyone was able to ask questions and get to know each other. Our speaker Kevin Jones talked about explore.net, a new Enterprise 2.0 feature inside NASA Marshall. The feature is like NASA’s own facebook.Read… Read more »

New2Gov: One Site to Rule Them All

Ever since joining up with GovLoop in April I’ve continually heard gripes about .gov sites. The crazy thing is most of the complaints are uniform across the board: the search suck, it looks like crap, there is no user interface… ect. I think we are all in agreement that .gov sites as a whole aren’tRead… Read more »

“You Will Be Dazzled By What Is Offered” – Lobby Comply Blog on GovLoop

It’s always nice to get recognized by peers in the industry and the Lobby Comply Blog featured GovLoop as its “Site of the Week.” A couple excerpts: Rich with information on the intersection between government and the latest of social media, you will be dazzled by what is offered: a Government-Related Twitter Hashtags Directory; aRead… Read more »

GovUp Tour – Yeah Tampa, Huntsville Here We Come

I’m super pumped that the 2nd wave of our GovUps are here. For those who haven’t seen the awesome map of cities, we are criss-crossing the country connecting government innovators at all levels (Fed, State, Local, Contractors). Last night’s GovUp in Tampa was awesome…GovLoop blogger Chris Bennett was there and is writing a recap. ButRead… Read more »

GL Training – Social Media – Why It Matters & How To Do It

**Register for GovLoop Training – Social Media – Why It Matters & How to Do It** Fortunately this year, I’ve gotten the chance to speak at a lot of conferences from federal to state/local government, from U.S to Canada, from HR to IT to Security conferences. Since GovLoop is a social network, most people wantRead… Read more »

GovLoop on HuffPo: When You Need Your Government Right Now

Below is the introduction to GovLoop’s latest post on the Huffington Post: Back in November 2009, Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation wrote here on The Huffington Post about “Envisioning a Real-Time Government.” Here’s a quick excerpt: Imagine a world where the entire influence economy in Washington were available to the public, online and inRead… Read more »

10/10/10 – One Day, One Way to Get a Glimpse of Earth’s Story

When I was in elementary school, our community renovated the school’s playground. As part of the project, students and their families were asked to share items – newspaper articles, clothing, music, etc. – that would go in a time capsule, which was to be buried underneath the playground. The idea was that someone decades downRead… Read more »