Making progress…

A lot of things are starting to fall into place with our Web 2.0 initiative. We have a draft of our questions for a survey of our employees, we have Moodle up and running, we have two departments that have agreed to incorporate Twitter into their existing practices, we have SharePoint running and our ITRead… Read more »

Old Friends and Facebook

In the past few days, several old friends have popped out of nowhere on Facebook. Unlike some stories about uncomfortable relationships and not really wanting to hear from people you thought you’d left behind, these were all people I was extremely happy to hear from. That’s an amazing feeling. But it got even better whenRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Blaming the Post Office’s Problems on the Media

It appears that the news media is partially to blame for the continuing decline of the U.S. Postal Service. The bad news about its future came yesterday during a Senate subcommittee hearing on the financial future of the Postal Service. There’s an interesting nugget in the prepared testimony of Phillip Herr, the Government Accountability Office’sRead… Read more »

Obama Directs a New Web 2.0 friendly Communication Policy

The text of this Press Release appeared in the 1/26/09 Federal Register and would seem to begin the process for the issuance of a formal OMB Circular promoting government communication by Web 2.0 technologies: THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release January 21, 2009 January 21, 2009 MEMORANDUM FOR THE HEADSRead… Read more »

You Make Time to Provide Links. Want to Know Whether People Click Them?

A couple of posts ago, I said I’d discuss Tweetburner, which produces short URLs at I have a free couple of minutes, so here we go. There are many services out there now that will shorten a URL for you, so some hideous mess like this one from EPA’s news releases database:!OpenDocument turnsRead… Read more »

A Panel Discussion, “Internet Technology in the Obama Age”

By Dennis D. McDonald Monday night’s panel discussion in Washington DC sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, “Internet Technology in the Obama Age: Helping People Change Government,” had a top notch and diverse set of panelists: * Joe Trippi (Joe Trippi and Associates) * Adam Conner (Facebook’s Washington DC Associate for Privacy and Global Public Policy)Read… Read more »

examples of how real-time access to structured data can improve agency performance and collaboration?

Vivek Kundra, the DC CTO, and I are writing, a book Democratizing Data, (i.e. “Democratizing data makes it automatically available to those who need it when and where they need it based on their roles and responsibilities, in forms they can use, and with the freedom to use it as they choose — while simultaneouslyRead… Read more »