Digital Government

NJ Makes Applying for Unemployment Benefits Easier

In New Jersey, officials are finding ways to make the unemployment benefits system clearer, more seamless and more compassionate. It’s the result of thoughtful, agile, evidence-based modernization.

PDFs Don’t Fit Into Gov Strategies for a Modern Digital Experience

Government agencies make ample use of PDFs, but it’s an inhospitable format for low-vision users, people who use screen readers, and individuals who access government websites via mobile devices. PDFs do not, in other words, make government more accessible.

Travis County Makes Audits Less Taxing

Travis County, Texas, is legally required to audit its property tax refunds, but a heavier workload (and no additional resources) made that increasingly difficult — until the auditor’s office implemented a new automated analytics tool, that is. Processing time has plummeted by 91%, among other dramatic achievements.

Trust Is a Key Theme for Government in 2024

From learning to trust how artificial intelligence (AI) will handle data and provide insights to implementing zero-trust architectures for cybersecurity to building citizen trust with better customer service, agencies are more focused than ever on delivering trust as part of their services.