Rise of the Goverati

Interesting article on Read/Write/Web about government web site managers and social media advocates. Govloop is mentioned as an example. But, best of all, IMHO, is the term that the author comes up for government web folks: Goverati. I like it! http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/government_20_rise_of_the_goverati.php

Maybe a foolish idea from a Gov’t 2.0 thinker: Could be usefull the “wikigov” concept?

Maybe is not as new as I thought, but re-reading the Dan Tapscott’s Wikinomics again, I was trying to link the wikinomics principles to e-government. And I made a question to share with you: It’s possible to think about wikigovs? If it is, Is’t usefull at local level? Wikigovs could be a model of governmentRead… Read more »

Citizen Experience Officer…

I love this concept on the “Experience Matters” blog about suggesting Obama create a Citizen Experience Officer: http://experiencematters.wordpress.com/2008/11/23/obama-needs-a-citizen-experience-officer/ This is similiar to Chief Customer Officer concept and one that most successful organizations now have whether they are corporate or governemnt. This role includes: 1. Serving as an advocate for the customer (aka, citizens in theRead… Read more »

GovLoop On Kiva, Kiva on Govloop (microlending together)

(Note: everything I discuss below is from me as a private individual, not representing anything connected to EPA, the federal government, or anyone else.) Quick update to my blog posts here and here. At Adriel Hampton’s good suggestion, I’ve created a group on GovLoop to give this effort more visibility here and to give usRead… Read more »

Has what we find entertaining changed?

As I move deeper into my 50’s I notice with surprise and disappointment that so many popular culture icons of my generation are either dying or are found to be amazingly old. How did this happen? I don’t think of myself as old…. I really think of myself the same way I did when IRead… Read more »

National Academy’s Collaboration Project: Top 3 Tech/Innovation Priorities for President Obama

President Obama has called for government to become more transparent, participatory, and collaborative. The National Academy’s Collaboration Project has issued a paper highlighting three priorities that the new President must focus on to make this vision a reality. The paper, Enabling Collaboration: Three Priorities for the New Administration, encourages the President to: Create an openRead… Read more »

Ocean.gov – A Modest Proposal

Have you ever wondered why there’s no ocean.gov? This is a valuable and easy to remember URL that the government doesn’t currently use. And it should, for we all depend on the ocean for the very air we breathe. When I was at NOAA, it was explained to me that there’s no web site atRead… Read more »

Web 2.0 and US Government

From USA.gov http://www.usa.gov/webcontent/technology/other_tech.shtml Social Media and Web 2.0 in Government What Is Social Media and Web 2.0? Social Media and Web 2.0 are umbrella terms that define the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and content creation. Social media use the “wisdom of crowds” to connect information in a collaborative manner online. Through socialRead… Read more »