Federal Eye: Top Federal Workers Union Lists Priorities for Obama

Once he takes office, President-elect Obama should issue an executive order re-establishing the federal sector labor-management partnership and all federal agencies should have to review service contracts and cancel wasteful ones, according to recommendations issued today by the National Treasury Employees Union. The group represents roughly 150,000 federal employees and 31 agencies or departments. It… Read more »

Joe the Senator

So the vote is in and it looks as if Joe Lieberman will keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Of course he loses his seat on the Environment and Public Works Committee. I’m not sure yet how I feel about this. Lieberman, like anyone, should be allowed to support any… Read more »

Federal Eye: The Eye Opener: Nov. 19, 2008

Good morning! Today we shift away from Eye-themed humor and bring you the Red Rockers song, “China.” Why? Because the Food and Drug Administration is sending food inspectors overseas to work with importers and food safety inspectors and will open its first overseas offices today in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, China. Send your news tips,… Read more »

Why Generation – Blog on

We are searching for something. All of us. It’s easy to sling about labels like gen y, gen x, boomers, millenials. But half of us are in the “twixt” generation: dates not exactly right for the labels. So what are we looking for? What is the quest? What will keep the twixters engaged? I think… Read more »

Federal Eye: Eye Opener: Nov. 18, 2008

Good morning! Alan Parson’s “Eye in The Sky” kicks us off today. Perhaps appropriate today since President Bush will announce his plans to ease holiday air traffic congestion during a speech at the Transportation Department. Leave your Eye-themed humor or pop culture suggestions in the comments section below. In other news… Burrowing: “Just weeks before… Read more »

GovLoop….the Social Network for Govt 2.0

(cross-post from my blog, would love to be able to tie that into here) I am noticing a hockey stick-like moment for ning lately – at least in my circles. Brent stood up one for our summer session on 2.0, the folks behind Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations are using it as a framework for… Read more »