A Panel Discussion, “Internet Technology in the Obama Age”

By Dennis D. McDonald Monday night’s panel discussion in Washington DC sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, “Internet Technology in the Obama Age: Helping People Change Government,” had a top notch and diverse set of panelists: * Joe Trippi (Joe Trippi and Associates) * Adam Conner (Facebook’s Washington DC Associate for Privacy and Global Public Policy)… Read more »

Theories of Governance v. Theories of Government

x-posted from FedBlog: It’s going to be all Slate, all the time today, folks. For some reason, the little online newsmagazine has decided to write a lot about government’s role and government jobs over the past 48 hours, and if they write it, I’m more than happy to blog it. First up is this piece… Read more »

Federal Eye: Still No Commerce Chief — Does It Matter?

President Obama marks his first week in office with much of his cabinet in place, but he still needs to name a commerce secretary to replace Bill Richardson, who withdrew his name from consideration earlier this month. The Commerce Department “is the government agency tasked with improving living standards for all Americans by promoting economic… Read more »

Social reporting, social learning and social consulting in the UK and beyond

We just finished a face to face event for the Policy and Performance Community of Practice (one of the Improvement and Development Agency supported communities). With Dave Briggs’ help, we captured the proceedings of the day right here at www.ideaperformance.com using photo, video, slideshare, Tweeting and blogging. It’s a great way to get stuff captured… Read more »

Stimulus Money won’t Stimulate?

I am disappointed to have to write this blog post but wanted to make sure others were aware of what is happening due to the language of the Recovery Bill with respect to road construction. So far, from what I have been told by DOT employees, the only roads that will be eligible to receive… Read more »

Former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Calls Panetta “Right One to Repair CIA”

Former Democratic Senator and Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham, recently published an Op-Ed that made a case for Leon Panetta being “right one” to fix the CIA’s problems. Making the call that the CIA needs a proven leader who can revitalize and restore the CIA’s credibility, Senator Graham made this statement: “Universities… Read more »

Lots to Learn

I’ve decided that its high time for me to get serious about finding ways to at least try and implement some Web 2.0 ideas at the Department of Treasury. I’m in the extremely formative stages (and have absolutely no power to implement them on my own) but I’m thinking that Treasury needs to become more… Read more »

Federal Eye: USDA Nears Decision on Food Safety Chief

The search for a head of the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) appears to have come down on two veterans of the food safety community: Caroline Smith–Dewall, food safety director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest and former FSIS administrator Barbara J. Masters, who is currently senior policy adviser… Read more »