FITARA: What You Need to Know

There are few things we do in our professional and personal lives today that aren’t supported by technology. We have devices and apps that track our appointments, our health and our happiness. At work, routine tasks are becoming automated, and government is working to adopt more modern technology to support its employees and the citizens… Read more »

Mapping Government’s Journey to the Cloud: 8 Success Stories

For agencies that have embraced cloud computing, the ability to buy access to software and hardware as a service has and continues to transform the way government operates. But as the U.S. General Services Administration has noted, “the customer journey down the path [to cloud] can be fraught with lack of information, and there are a… Read more »

Addressing the Complex Challenges of Today’s Acquisition Professional

GovLoop and Integrity Management Consulting are pleased to present a new guide entitled, “Addressing the Complex Challenges of Today’s Acquisition Professional.” From generating requirements, to planning, obtaining and sustaining capabilities, the acquisition process, if implemented effectively, can contribute significantly to accomplishing an agency’s mission more efficiently.