Big Data

The Modern Enterprise Data Fabric: Helping the Public Sector Transform Digitally

In this industry perspective, GovLoop and Splunk, provider of a leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, have partnered to discuss what digital transformation means for the public sector, how the data deluge is adding to the complexity and how a segment of big data, called machine data, is offering opportunities to ride the digital… Read more »

Improving the Citizen Experience With Real-Time Data

Timely and actionable data can tell us a lot about our government, the citizens it serves and whether federal programs are effectively meeting their needs. Not only that, but data can also capture the sentiments of rank-and-file employees who fuel those services and programs. The ability to capitalize on those valuable insights has been an… Read more »

How You Can Use Data Analytics to Change Government

Everything about Dr. Farid Fata’s case seemed too egregious to be true. When a whistleblower tipped off the Department of Justice back in 2013 about Dr. Fata’s unprecedented medical malpractice, government officials had a hard time wrapping their heads around the claims — at first. How could a renowned Michigan oncologist intentionally misdiagnose patients and… Read more »

7 Ways to the Unlock the “Big” in Your Big Data

It’s no secret that the amount of data in the world is growing. One study predicts there will be up to 44 zettabytes of data by the end of this decade alone. That’s nearly as many data points as there are stars in the sky. So how does government get a handle on this ever-growing data? For many resource-constrained… Read more »

How Unified Data Architecture Can Revolutionize Analytics in Government

Data is a highly sought-after commodity, but simply amassing information isn’t enough. To be useful, the data must be actionable, and must be presented in a way that makes it meaningful. And it’s that piece of the puzzle that’s hanging up government data use. Data – including big data, which is so large or so… Read more »

Gaining the Situational Awareness Needed to Mitigate Cyberthreats

To become more resilient against cyberthreats, agencies must improve visibility and understand events happening on their networks. With increased awareness, organizations will see operational benefits and save employees valuable time, improving productivity and morale. To achieve these benefits, agencies need to deploy the right kind of infrastructure. They must look to a platform approach and… Read more »

Why You Need Improved Operational Intelligence for Big Data

Today, a big data solution offers hope for governments to unlock potential from all the data they collect, store and manage. Through better data management, governments can re-imagine their business processes. At a time when public sector resources and budgets are shrinking and citizens are demanding improved services, big data promises much needed relief for… Read more »

People, Places and Process: The Impact of GIS & Facilities Management

Because we Americans spend almost 90 percent of our time indoors and because the government owns, manages or occupies roughly 500,000 facilities, the role of a facilities manager is becoming increasingly important for government. The federal government also operates more than 600,000 vehicles and employs 1.8 million civilians. Buildings have now become our primary habitats…. Read more »

Why You Need an Information Governance Strategy

Organizations worldwide are feeling the pressure of the information explosion. Data is doubling every two years and is estimated to reach an astonishing 40 zettabytes by 2022. What’s more, the growing variety of data has introduced tremendous complexity for public managers seeking to streamline their organizations’ ability to access and use information. Finally, the Presidential… Read more »

A Smarter Approach to Public Safety

In our first two chapters, we outlined the benefits of big data and discussed how analytics can help counter waste, fraud and abuse. In this chapter, we look at how public safety organizations can benefit from a robust analytics strategy. Specifically we explore: Case studies from Miami-Dade County, New York City and Lancaster, California police departments…. Read more »

Paving the Way for Public Sector Big Data Adoption

Big data has revolutionized the way government agencies store, manage and collect data. Agencies can no longer rely on stable and structured data as a means to meet mission need. The way citizens engage with government has evolved, and the kinds of data processing services available have changed. Today, agencies must be able to quickly… Read more »

Government Workforce in Focus: Closing the Data and Analytics Skills Gap

Standing between the federal government and improved delivery of services is the data skills gap. Federal managers worry that prospective employees entering the job market lack the analytical skills, statistical competencies and technical proficiency needed to understand the federal government’s large and complex datasets. The data skills gap comes at a time when federal government… Read more »

The Foundation for Data Innovation: The Enterprise Data Hub

Centrally managing data has long been a goal for IT managers. Now, with emerging technology and improvements to the way data can be stored and hosted, centrally managing data is finally a reality for organizations. As such, more and more agencies have been adopting an architecture – known as the enterprise data hub (EDH) –… Read more »

The Last Mile of Big Data: Delivering Meaningful Answers From Your Data

Public sector agencies at all levels are beginning to understand the enormous effect of data. With the click of a mouse, it is now possible to view the central role that data plays in government work, from the Census’s data visualization tools to, which houses over one hundred thousand unique government datasets for public… Read more »

Capitalizing on the Open Data Revolution

For years, data advocates have championed open data initiatives to create more efficient government and economic opportunities. They argued that through open data, government could support emerging markets rather than create additional expensive public programs. And as our most recent GovLoop guide shows, that vision is coming to life. Take the case of Trulia, an online… Read more »

Open Data and GIS: Better Understanding Our World

In our latest GovLoop guide, Open Data and GIS: Better Understanding Our World, we explore a crucial element of the open data movement: geographic information systems (GIS). GIS lets users visualize, question, analyze, interpret and understand data to reveal relationships, patterns and trends, says Esri, the global leader in GIS technology. In this report, GovLoop… Read more »

Smoother, Faster, Cleaner, Safer: How Big Data’s Driving the 21st Century

Desiring to look deeper into the impact of big data on transportation services, we reached out to Dante Ricci, the director of strategy and innovation at SAP Public Services. In GovLoop’s latest industry perspective, we share Ricci’s valuable insights and explore case studies that demonstrate the extent to which big data is changing transportation in… Read more »

Building Safer Communities in the Digital Age

Analytics has transformed the way public safety organizations fight crime and keep our communities safe. Today, GovLoop and IBM have released a new report, Smarter Cities: Public Safety in the Digital Age, which explores how new analytical approaches has re-imagined the way the public sector protects communities. As governments are faced with shrinking budgets and… Read more »

Finding New Efficiencies through Big Data Analysis

Government is in the midst of a transformation. As government is collecting, managing, and storing increasing volumes of data, agencies are challenged to find actionable insights from the tsunami of data they are collecting. With the explosion of data from social media, online transactions, and internal systems, government has more opportunities than ever before to… Read more »

Transforming Your Agency With Big Data

Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, this report will highlight the common challenges, best practices and pertinent issues surrounding big data. Transforming Your Agency Through Big Data includes a survey from 215 public sector professionals, and interviews with government and industry thought leaders.

Predictive Analytics

Today, government is challenged like never before. In an era of budget cuts, increasing demands for services, and increasingly complex government transactions, government officials are pressed to think of new ways of thinking and innovative solutions to complex problems. Predictive analytics is one possible solution for government agencies. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak… Read more »

3 Keys to Big Data: Quick Wins, Clear Scope, Communicate

For centuries, government organizations have been collecting data from a variety of sources, and using the collected data to inform their decision-making. With the boom in non-traditional forms of data such as social media, video, digital photographs and email, government agencies are now challenged how to best collect, manage, and drive decisions from data. Today,… Read more »