DoD in Transition

Every four to eight years, most federal agencies face the challenge of potential transition. Which initiatives will endure into a new administration and which will be stripped of their resources? Will the current leadership stay in place or will the agency’s very organization be reconsidered? In this time of transition, the Department of Defense (DoD)… Read more »

Quiz: Do You Know the DoD?

How much do you know about the largest government agency? Regardless of whether or not you work for the Department of Defense, you should familiarize yourself with its challenges and program priorities.

Achieving Full Spectrum Dominance

The battlefield is changing for American forces. It is larger, now spanning cyberspace and even outerspace, and it is more crowded with new, aggressive actors including non-state terror groups and solo hackers. In order to maintain control of this increasingly expansive and diverse threat environment, the Department of Defense must transform its organization, its people, and its strategies. And… Read more »

The DoD of Tomorrow

In 2015, we still talk about wars that started in the early 2000s, manage tense state relations first established during the Cold War, and leverage weapon systems built to combat the Axis powers. But don’t be fooled. The mission and tactics of the Department of Defense are changing — and fast. In his first letter… Read more »