Innovations that Mattered in 2016

No doubt, 2016 was a year for the record books. There were incredible innovations, such as NASA’s creation of the “warp drive” and the opening of the brand-new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. However, there were also a few challenges. Major legislative slowdowns, cyber breaches and fiscal constraints all led to a… Read more »

The Human Resources Playbook for Government

The heartbeat of any organization can be summed up in one word: people. It isn’t the technology or automated processes that many agencies have come to rely on over the years. The truth is, when organizations hire good people, the technology takes care of itself. People provide overall direction and vision for an organization, ensure… Read more »

FITARA: What You Need to Know

There are few things we do in our professional and personal lives today that aren’t supported by technology. We have devices and apps that track our appointments, our health and our happiness. At work, routine tasks are becoming automated, and government is working to adopt more modern technology to support its employees and the citizens… Read more »

Your Guide to Understanding State and Local Government

Every January, the President of the United States makes the 1.5-mile journey from the White House to the Capitol Building to address the three branches of government and the public through the annual State of the Union speech. For more than 200 years, presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama have taken the opportunity to… Read more »

Future of Government Hiring: Dealing with the Government’s Brain Drain

“I have no one under the age of 40 in my office,” said a policy analyst from the Department of Veterans Affairs in a recent GovLoop survey. That policy analyst isn’t alone – the government is graying. According to the Office of Personnel Management, the average age of a government employee is 47. At the… Read more »

The Virtual Training Playbook For Government

In the 1700s and 1800s, one-room schoolhouses were the norm. Students of varying ages and learning levels would sit together to be instructed by their teacher. A freshman in high school could share a desk with a fourth-grader. Being mostly rural, many schools had no water or sanitation. They used melting snow for water in… Read more »

How GIS Helped Secure Super Bowl XLVIII

This industry perspective tells the remarkable story of collaboration and technology that kept tourist and residents safe during the Super Bowl, including the technology solutions provided by Esri and PenBay that were deployed during Super Bowl XLVIII. We also feature interviews with: Deputy Commissioner Joel Golub, Chief Information Officer, FDNY Captain Steven Pollackov, FDNY GIS… Read more »

Resilient Communities, Efficient Governments

Natural disasters. Budget crises. Significant technological failures. In today’s interconnected world, a single disruptive event can have negative repercussions on a community long after the initial impact. This makes the imperative for a swift recovery a priority for state and local government. The ultimate goal is to make the community resilient to such events; it… Read more »

Guide to International Jobs in Government

If you’re interested in getting a government job in foreign policy or international affairs, you’ve come to the right place. The Robertson Foundation for Government (RFFG), GovLoop and the Association for Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) have produced a highly valuable guide entitled, “Making Global Impact: Guide to International Jobs in Government.” Until now, there has been no single resource… Read more »

How Telework Makes Better Bosses and Top-Notch Teams

I’ve learned a lot over the last seven years as a full-time teleworking employee – both as a manager and as a member of geographically-dispersed project teams. One of the biggest lessons is that telework forces both managers and team members to hone their communication skills and think more intentionally about the way they get… Read more »

Guide to Getting into Government

The Robertson Foundation for Government, a nonprofit family foundation dedicated to helping government meet its talent needs by identifying, educating, and motivating top U.S. graduate students to pursue federal government careers, and GovLoop, the leading knowledge network for government, have teamed up again to create, “Getting Into Government: A Guide for High Achievers.”This guide is a blend of… Read more »

Workforce Planning in the Public Sector

GovLoop is proud to present one of our newest guides, the GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning in the Public Sector. We all know that the public sector workforce is changing. Although the government workforce is extremely complex, the GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning in the Public Sector set out to find some best practices, tips… Read more »

How to Find, Land, Keep and Leap in Your Government Career

You may have taken your first government job just to get some experience, and now feel like you are being under utilized at your agency. Maybe you knew the hiring manager well or they were well respected in government, and you wanted to use that connection to help elevate your career. Once you are at… Read more »

Excelling with Customer Service

GovLoop, in partnership with RightNow, is excited to release the “Excelling with Customer Service” Guide. How is your agency doing as it prepares its Customer Service Plan in response to President Obama’s Customer Service Executive Order? As the October 27 deadline for submission stands just one month away, GovLoop has created the guide below. It’s… Read more »

Understanding the New Pathways Program

Last week, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released the proposed regulations for the Pathways Program, a hiring reform initiative designed to “offer students and recent graduates more uniform and transparent pathways to public service” and “improve recruiting and provide for training, mentoring, and career development opportunities.” The original document is nearly 90 pages… Read more »

7 Steps To Social Networking Success

GovLoop recently hosted an awesome online training with Heather Krasna, an expert career coach who has been helping people network and land gigs for many years. As an expert in all things careers and networking, Heather sent us an impressive document, detailing the 7 steps of the networking process. We then transformed it and out… Read more »