Project Management

Innovations that Mattered in 2016

No doubt, 2016 was a year for the record books. There were incredible innovations, such as NASA’s creation of the “warp drive” and the opening of the brand-new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. However, there were also a few challenges. Major legislative slowdowns, cyber breaches and fiscal constraints all led to a… Read more »

Tackling the Most Common Project Management Hurdles

In the public and private sector, most projects are twice as likely to be late, over budget and lack critical features. Causes of project failure include changing priorities, scope creep, undefined costs and risks, and undefined project goals. In this infographic, we highlight  some common project management challenges as well as practical solutions to help you in three key areas: Planning Resources Communication We also provide an overview… Read more »

Accelerating Your DevOps Journey in the Public Sector

In the public sector, programs can run slowly and inefficiently. The government’s information technology systems are growing more outmoded while the public’s expectations about technology, speed and delivery are rising. As the private sector pushes IT boundaries and experiments with improved services, the public sector faces challenges of regulations and constrained financial resources. Additionally, unlike… Read more »

Agile, DevOps, & More: How to Succeed at Government Project Management

Now, more than ever before, the projects run by governments at every level are under intense scrutiny. We’ve all heard the horror stories: bloated projects coming in over budget by millions of dollars; inefficient programs delayed by months, if not years; and projects that are never even completed but still cost taxpayers money. At the… Read more »

10 Benefits of Going Paperless

Thinking about going paperless? Our infographic below highlights 10 benefits of going paperless. It’s no secret that paper-based processes power government services. But going paperless is now more important than ever before. Not only will it make you more efficient and effective, but constituents are demanding it. Explore our infographic below to learn about the… Read more »

Transforming Your Agency With Big Data

Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, this report will highlight the common challenges, best practices and pertinent issues surrounding big data. Transforming Your Agency Through Big Data includes a survey from 215 public sector professionals, and interviews with government and industry thought leaders.

How Telework Makes Better Bosses and Top-Notch Teams

I’ve learned a lot over the last seven years as a full-time teleworking employee – both as a manager and as a member of geographically-dispersed project teams. One of the biggest lessons is that telework forces both managers and team members to hone their communication skills and think more intentionally about the way they get… Read more »

GovLoop’s Guide to the Master of Public Policy Degree

Thinking of going to graduate school? Wondering what the Master of Public Policy degree is all about? GovLoop is excited to release a new guide that helps you navigate through the application process and advance your career in public service! We’ve designed the following resource to help you decide if an MPP is the right… Read more »