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Innovations that Mattered in 2016

No doubt, 2016 was a year for the record books. There were incredible innovations, such as NASA’s creation of the “warp drive” and the opening of the brand-new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. However, there were also a few challenges. Major legislative slowdowns, cyber breaches and fiscal constraints all led to a… Read more »

Collaboration-as-a-Service: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

Since Alexander Graham Bell ushered in the telephone in 1876, the ability to communicate across distances has become immediate. Passing notes in class is so passé. Why wait for a break to exchange messages? Do it now over a smartphone! Today we demand this instant communication — both in our personal and professional lives. The… Read more »

The Future of Citizen Engagement: Five Trends Transforming Government

Every year, citizen engagement seems to improve. New technologies are born; new innovations connect citizens with the government; new ideas start to take root. It’s 2015, and citizen engagement has gone far beyond basic social media and town halls. As we make our way through the 21st century, citizen engagement is continuing to evolve. New… Read more »

Your Citizen Engagement Checklist: 18 Strategies for Success

Citizen engagement is nothing new. It’s been conducted in one form or another since the dawn of democracy: Citizens and their elected leaders have met in a variety of ways to exchange ideas and thoughts on policies, processes and more. Until recently, however, this engagement happened in a relatively few ways: Town hall meetings printed… Read more »

The Social Media Experiment: Elements of Excellence

A few weeks ago, we asked, “Have any government social media activities led to really obvious results?” As you browse the guide below, we hope you’ll quickly learn that the answer is “yes.” This guide highlights bright spots of social media experimentation in government – activities that have led to clear outcomes and mission-related impact… Read more »

State of Government Government Communications

Government communications professionals have always felt the pressures of publishing public news and information as quickly as possible. With the boom in social media, communications has become an even more critical function of government. Public relations officers are now faced with an expectation of being open 24/7/365 to deliver real-time information to citizens. As more… Read more »

15 Commandments for Government Agencies on Twitter

There is a promised land for government organizations – one where citizens pay attention to public agencies’ information and pass it along to others, spreading the word for all to hear. Although there are many paths to the promised land, your journey will likely pass through Twitter. But the roads can be treacherous. You can… Read more »

12 Commandments for Government Employees on Twitter

For public sector employees venturing out onto Twitter, finding out who’s who can be confusing and frustrating. While there are untold numbers of individuals and organizations sharing valuable information and contributing to a healthy flow of information, there are also oodles of people just trying to make a buck – usually at your expense. This… Read more »

Getting Started with Social Media in Your City

Greetings GovLoopers! As you can tell, we try not to sit around too much over here at the GovLoop ranch – always hustling to bring you an incredible community experience and resources that make your life on the job easier. So we’ve been talking about putting together a series of guides for several months. In… Read more »