The Informative Power of GIS and Statistics

Geographic information systems (GIS) and statistics, when utilized together, can provide an enhanced understanding of communities, cities, and nations. This industry perspective explores how national statistics organizations and other government agencies can leverage the power of GIS to better serve citizens and build smarter communities.

High-Resolution Imagery: Helping City Managers Better Serve Their Communities

A city manager’s job is continuous and complex. Whether it’s zoning, new construction, taxation or disaster planning, citizens depend on their city manager to understand their community, past and present, in great detail to prepare for future needs. In an environment of decreasing budgets and limited resources, geospatial technologies are an invaluable resource for better… Read more »

GIS: The Essential Tool for Smart Communities

A smart community approach creates a more transparent, collaborative, and accessible government for its constituents. GIS is the foundation for a smart community because it allows governments to share data openly, gives the data a geographic context that everyone can understand and helps communities make more informed decisions. In turn, this approach creates more sustainable,… Read more »

How GIS Empowers You to Build a Smart Community

Smart communities are able to leverage technology to improve the quality of life for citizens. GIS plays a critical role in this, as it empowers leaders to visualize, question, analyze, and interpret organizational data to better understand relationships and trends in their community. In a 2013 NACo study, participants noted their top nine public service… Read more »

Building Healthy Communities: Making a Difference With GIS

It’s not news that the health of today’s population is at a precarious junction. We are experiencing an epidemic of unprecedented proportions in terms of poor nutrition and physical inactivity across the globe. In fact, the youth of today may, on average, live less healthy and possibly even shorter lives than their parents. Improving the… Read more »

7 State Government GIS Innovators

Imagine being able to visualize your data so you could see the impacts of potential policies and decisions. You could bring to life information that has typically been one dimensional, and place data into a geographic context, giving you the ability to see patterns and trends you had not seen before. By incorporating maps into… Read more »

People, Places and Process: The Impact of GIS & Facilities Management

Because we Americans spend almost 90 percent of our time indoors and because the government owns, manages or occupies roughly 500,000 facilities, the role of a facilities manager is becoming increasingly important for government. The federal government also operates more than 600,000 vehicles and employs 1.8 million civilians. Buildings have now become our primary habitats…. Read more »

University Uses GIS For Solar App

Recently GovLoop spoke with University of Minnesota students Molly McDonald, Ben Gosack, Chris Martin, Michael Moore, Devon Piernot and Stephen Palka about their Solar Suitability Analysis app– one of Esri’s Climate App Challenge Winners. The app allows homeowners to navigate a heat map to discover if their house is suitable for solar panels. The app… Read more »

GIS Helps Save the Environment

The Trust for Public Land is a national conservation organization that uses GIS technologies to strategically pinpoint lands that need to be conserved on the landscape. Recently GovLoop spoke with Breece Roberston, National, GIS Director and Jad Daley Director, Climate Conservation Program at the Trust for Public Land – one of Esri’s Climate App Challenge… Read more »

Mississippi Enhances Services with GIS

Recently GovLoop spoke with Craig Orgeron, Mississippi’s Chief Information Officer, to find how the state is using GIS to improve services. Mississippi is a predominately rural state where access to bandwidth is incredibly important. The state relied on GIS to map the areas where bandwidth was a problem and ferment the policy conversation about where… Read more »

GIS Helps Make Flood Maps

Recently GovLoop spoke with Mike Lockwitz, creator of Flood Forecast – one of Esri’s Climate App Challenge Winners. The app was created in response to the severe flooding in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. The app was developed during a 24-hour hackathon. The app sends users a notification when your property is in imminment danger of… Read more »

Idaho Enhances Collaboration with GIS

Recently GovLoop spoke with Bill Farnsworth, Idaho Geospatial Information Officer about how Idaho is unlocking its GIS data. The state’s website has used GIS data to map hundreds of miles of hiking trails. They have even mapped GIS data set up a special site to help its State Senators use GIS data effectively. “The State… Read more »

Laying the Bricks for a Resilient Community

Today, you are challenged to stay resilient no matter what challenges your community faces. Governments must operate efficiently regardless of any crisis or event. That’s where GIS comes into play. GIS is an integrative technology, and seamlessly connects mobile, ECM and cloud to help gain a holistic view of the community, building more resilient communities…. Read more »

GIS: Your Platform for a Resilient Community

Government must stay efficient and deliver services no matter what trials the community faces. Technology offers the opportunity to build for the future in a way that allows for foundational strength for service delivery– as well as flexibility and innovation when communities need it. Our industry perspective will: Identify what it means to be a resilient… Read more »

Unlocking the Meaning in Your Data

Recently GovLoop spoke with Bryan Jones, GIS Specialist at Gulf Coast Aerial Mapping about how the Postal Service is unlocking the meaning behind their data. “Really what [GIS] has done for our organization is help people understand the meaning behind the data. When you use something like a map people are very interested in it,… Read more »

How GIS is Creating a Common Operating Picture

Daniel Visone, Systems & Acquisition Support Directorate Chief, US Army Geospatial Center, recently spoke with GovLoop about how GIS is helping to create a common operating picture. “One of the terms I usually use when I go out brief is that a lot of the army programs are considered stovepipes or cylinders of excellence because… Read more »

Increasing Collaboration and Civic Engagement Through Open Data

GovLoop recently spoke with Barney Krucoff,  Geographic Information Office, State of Maryland how GIS is helping to improve citizen engagement at the State of Maryland. “[Open data] definitely cuts down on interagency stovepipes that we have a central repository so our agencies knows where to go to find things, the public knows where to go… Read more »

Open Data and GIS: Better Understanding Our World

In our latest GovLoop guide, Open Data and GIS: Better Understanding Our World, we explore a crucial element of the open data movement: geographic information systems (GIS). GIS lets users visualize, question, analyze, interpret and understand data to reveal relationships, patterns and trends, says Esri, the global leader in GIS technology. In this report, GovLoop… Read more »

Building More Resilient Communities with GIS

Our easy-to-use software connects local government, organizations and residents making disaster preparedness and recovery smarter. Watch the video below or learn more by viewing some case studies.   For more information on GIS, visit our GIS Resources Hub.   When 
Esri was founded in 1969, it realized even then that geographic information system (GIS) technology… Read more »

New Tools to Fight Crime

StreetCred Software was founded by two Texas police officers who were looking to re-imagine law enforcement and give officers the tools they needed to combat crime in their community. Watch the video below to learn more, or check out the case studies on the map.   For more information on GIS, visit our GIS Resources… Read more »

Improving Business Functions With Limited Resources

GovLoop recently spoke with Peter Noy, Asset Manager, Geospatial Management Office, US, Coast Guard, on how GIS is improving business functions with limited resources. “We are now beginning to take terabytes of information and display in a geospatial way, in the past we have had to look at tons of tabular reports and documents, we can now… Read more »

How GIS Helped Secure Super Bowl XLVIII

This industry perspective tells the remarkable story of collaboration and technology that kept tourist and residents safe during the Super Bowl, including the technology solutions provided by Esri and PenBay that were deployed during Super Bowl XLVIII. We also feature interviews with: Deputy Commissioner Joel Golub, Chief Information Officer, FDNY Captain Steven Pollackov, FDNY GIS… Read more » Their Story

GovLoop interviewed Jerry Johnston, Geographic Information Officer, CIO’s Office, Department of Interior about the story and the value of sharing geospatial information with a larger audience. is a “one-stop shop” for integrated, federal data via maps.

Open Data in Government: Past, Present and Future

GovLoop interviewed Bryan Sivak, CTO, Department of Health and Human Services about his work with and open data. Over the last few years, government agencies have worked to “open up their data.” This means that their datasets can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone.

GIS Interviews: and the National Strategy for Information Sharing

Recently GovLoop caught up with Harvey Simon, Geospatial Intelligence Officer, EPA and Kshemendra Paul, Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment at Esri’s Federal GIS Conference. Be sure to check out the videos below to learn more about, the National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding and how they both are using GIS technology.

ArcGIS as a Platform: Interview with Esri President

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Jack Dangermond, Esri President. We discussed how GIS is transforming how the public sector arrives at decisions, and the power behind spatial data. You can view the report below, or download a PDF. Below I have included the executive summary of the report and report highlights.

GIS in Action

In the era of doing more with less, GIS technology has emerged as a way to reduce costs, improve decision-making, and increase communication between teammates, and the public. To showcase some of the great ways agencies are using GIS, Esri and GovLoop put together a series of videos that you can view below. In these… Read more »

Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government

Today, GovLoop is announcing the release of our latest report, Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government. The GovLoop report focuses on best practices, case studies and identifies innovative uses of GIS technology in government. Also, be sure to visit the guide landing page for upcoming posts, and quick access to many GIS resources that… Read more »

State of Government Government Communications

Government communications professionals have always felt the pressures of publishing public news and information as quickly as possible. With the boom in social media, communications has become an even more critical function of government. Public relations officers are now faced with an expectation of being open 24/7/365 to deliver real-time information to citizens. As more… Read more »