Three Steps to Cloud Readiness

Why isn’t government making the most of cloud? It’s not budget, absence of interest, or a lack of benefits to cloud. As agencies embark on their journey to the cloud, many leaders are finding that their infrastructure, organization or both are not adequately prepared to transition to this new technology. While some agencies are more prepared… Read more »

Ensuring Readiness to Move Into the Cloud

The journey to cloud technologies is constantly changing. For government, it is getting more complex, with more critical risks. After moving the low-hanging fruit – small workloads or institutional applications – into the cloud, agencies are focusing on migrating larger, more mission-critical applications. Leaders want to create better user experience, improve performance, improve reliability and… Read more »

How to Embrace Cloud as a Business Model

As cloud adoption matures across government, many agencies are realizing that this new IT model is much more than a technology decision. It’s a business decision that has had significant impacts on the way agencies buy, manage and deliver IT capabilities internally and to citizens. The challenge, however, is mapping the best path forward to… Read more »

Making the Most of FedRAMP

When the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) launched in 2012, cloud computing was a fairly new business model in government. Few agencies were buying IT services and they were struggling to grasp the logistics of cloud procurement, implementation and security. Fast-forward to the present. Virtually every Cabinet-level agency, including the Defense Department, is… Read more »

Mapping Your Path to the Cloud

There’s no denying that cloud computing is transforming the way government agencies consume information, deliver services and carry out their unique missions. Over the past few years, agencies have gradually shifted from owning the hardware and software that support these functions to buying access to IT infrastructure and applications as a service. Early adopters of… Read more »

Mapping Government’s Journey to the Cloud: 8 Success Stories

For agencies that have embraced cloud computing, the ability to buy access to software and hardware as a service has and continues to transform the way government operates. But as the U.S. General Services Administration has noted, “the customer journey down the path [to cloud] can be fraught with lack of information, and there are a… Read more »


Welcome to the GovLoop Academy IT-as-a-Service course, where you will learn about three cloud service delivery models, how they are different, and what they can do for your agency. By taking this course, you will be enrolled in five different lessons about IT-as-a-Service. We’ll cover what we mean by that term, providing a broad overview… Read more »

A Guide to Cloud Success

This 30-minute course is designed to get you up to speed on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud offerings. We’ll be discussing cloud computing and how your public sector organization can best use the cloud to provide information and reach new horizons for citizens services and mission critical agency efforts. By taking this course, you will be enrolled… Read more »

Making Smarter IT Investments

Cloud is a common buzzword in the IT world, and in our daily lives we use the cloud to do everything from check email, to access work files, to online shopping. But most people don’t consider the details of what’s happening behind the scenes to give us anytime, anywhere access to data and services. We… Read more »

Revolutionizing Government Facilities Management With the Cloud

Facilities management in government is nothing new. The U.S. government owned and managed buildings and assets well before Thomas Jefferson signed his name to the Declaration of Independence. However, today’s facilities managers have a resource that Jefferson and his fellow Founding Fathers could never have imagined: cloud computing. Imagine how much more efficient Jefferson could… Read more »

Securing Your Agency From End to End

Gone are the days when cybersecurity was just an information technology problem. In 2015 alone, eBay, LivingSocial, Adobe, Evernote, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase joined the ever-growing list of companies facing major security breaches. And it’s not just about compromised data: The breaches also amount to millions, if not billions, of dollars in lost revenue,… Read more »

Securing Your Data in the Cloud

When we think of data breaches, we might picture a TV plotline on shows like “Quantico” or real-life examples like Edward Snowden – where someone intentionally exposes sensitive information. But the reality is that anyone in an agency, ranging from top-clearance levels down to an entry-level worker, can intentionally or accidentally misuse or leak critical… Read more »

Government in the Cloud: Strategies for Deploying and Migrating to Office 365

It’s not just inevitable, it’s already happening. Government is moving to the cloud. But migrating to the cloud can be an arduous process that can take months, even years to complete. And migrating is only the beginning of the cloud journey. Proper deployment and management are a continuous process. Fortunately, Metalogix has tools that can… Read more »

Cloud Fundamentals

In the information technology world, few buzzwords are more mystical than “cloud computing.” Sure, we use the cloud to access email, health records and work files, and to do online shopping, but most people don’t consider the details of what’s happening behind the scenes to give us anytime, anywhere access to data and services. We… Read more »

Why You Should Care About FedRAMP

The Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a governmentwide program that provides a standardized approach for assessing the security of cloud products and services, authorizing them for government use and continuously monitoring the long-term security of those cloud solutions. Here’s why FedRAMP needs to be on your radar:

5 of the Latest Cloud Computing Trends

In the information technology world, few buzzwords are more mystical than “cloud computing.” Sure, we use the cloud to access email and work files, and to do online shopping, but most people don’t consider the details of what’s happening behind the scenes to give us anytime, anywhere access to data and services. We simply expect… Read more »

Finding Your Right Cloud Solution

As an information technology (IT) professional, you spend significant time purchasing, managing, upgrading and administering IT services. Often, these responsibilities are time-consuming and pull you away from fulfilling the most important mission-critical objectives at your agency. That’s why many IT departments have looked to the cloud to transform their operations. An Oracle white paper reports… Read more »

Platform & Infrastructure as a Service: Creating New Efficiencies

It’s undeniable that cloud computing has changed the way that government does business. With the cloud, agencies are now able to gain new efficiencies, quickly deploy IT services, and transform their operations. Everything from HR, financial reporting, and government transparency have benefited from cloud deployments. Along with considerations on the proper deployment model like hybrid,… Read more »

Software as a Service: The Key to Modernizing Government

On all levels of government, public sector agencies are looking to the cloud to re-imagine their business processes and power new innovations. Through effective cloud deployment and management, organizations can reduce costs, deploy services with agility, and identify new ways to accomplish the complex missions of the public sector. With the cloud, organizations have gained… Read more »

Using SaaS for Innovative Government

For many state and local governments, software as a service (SaaS) will revolutionize the way they manage their IT infrastructures and ultimately better serve the public. To learn how and why more municipalities are adopting the cloud technology to drive innovation, check out our infographic. It explains: The definition of SaaS Benefits of the technology… Read more »

Knowledge Transfer: Becoming an Informed Cloud Buyer

Conversations about cloud computing are a lot different today than they were four years ago. Back then, definitions for this new business model varied, and some people questioned if cloud solutions could ever be as secure as the government’s internal hosting environments. Additionally, agencies were coming to grips with the implications of infor- mation technology-as-a-service… Read more »

Cloud 101: Learning What You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

Today, nearly every agency, department, and government sector uses cloud computing. Some use it to build more robust IT infrastructures and replace legacy systems, while others use scalable software services to increase the agility of their platforms. Of course, others also use cloud to cut costs and even increase IT security. Cloud is quickly becoming the IT backbone of government… Read more »

Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

Cybersecurity is the hottest buzzword in government these days. But just because people are talking about it, doesn’t mean they actually know how to achieve it. In reality, many government organizations are struggling to secure their data from internal and external threats. Taken alone, cybersecurity is challenging. The speed of evolution and the consistency of… Read more »

Changing the Conversation: The Case for “As-A-Service”

The expanding roles of “as-a-service” (aaS) and cloud computing in government agencies involve more than just the agency’s information technology department. Since it is a business strategy, more people realize that employing a cloud or services in a cloud can increase efficiency and collaboration, leading to improved performance and service delivery and reduced cost. The… Read more »

Forecasting the Cloud: Eight Ways the Technology is Changing Government

Today, everybody from government information technology officials to the president are talking about cloud computing, a technology that is revolutionizing the way federal, state and local governments operate. Whether they use public clouds, private clouds or a hybrid of the two, govies agree on one thing: Cloud is the way of the future. But that’s… Read more »

Convergence: The First Step to the Internet of Everything

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Aristotle said, long before the Digital Age was a possibility. And yet his observation applies today perhaps more than ever. The proliferation not only of technological devices, but also their capabilities and interconnection holds new levels of promise for improving the lives of people all… Read more »

How Open Source Cloud Technology Can Eliminate Silos & Centralize Workloads

Imagine a government in which IT systems connect citizens to services, data moves easily among agencies and public-sector employees, and information is truly open and accessible. A government with systems like these would better serve its citizens, be more efficient, and free agencies to focus more on agency mission. Information technology administrators are getting close… Read more »

Your Guide to Using Everything-as-a-Service

Most government agencies have already invested in cloud solutions to strengthen their IT infrastructure and better serve their mission. But are they getting the most out of these new platforms, software, and servers? Unfortunately, the answer is probably not. While cloud is saving costs in some places, these solutions are also adding complexity to government… Read more »

Making Smarter IT Investments: Customizing the Cloud

Today, cloud computing offers government the opportunity to re-imagine how services are delivered. But a word to the wise: not all cloud platforms are created equal. Cloud solutions depend on both solving the right organizational problems and selecting the right kind of cloud offering. By doing so, you can enable your agency to fundamentally change… Read more »

How Cloud Computing is Powering the Agency of the Future

Today engineering feats the Romans could only dream of result in new types of highways – digital ones. You can now transport information, computing power, tools and services quickly and efficiently, radi­cally changing the way your agency does business. Powering this digital highway is the cloud, and it is reimagining the way your organization operates.

Collaboration in the Cloud

Over the last few years, many government organizations have made the switch to the cloud, including GSA, the Department of Interior, the states of Maryland and Utah and cities of Orlando and Pittsburgh. One of the most recent organizations to transition to the cloud is the U.S Holocaust Museum, and they did it all in… Read more »