Citizen Engagement

IT Modernization: Correspondence Management

In today’s ever-connected world, constituents have increasingly high expectations that their federal, state and local agencies will provide exceptional service. Many agencies struggle, however, with creating good citizen experiences – particularly in the correspondence management arena. Challenges include siloed departments and disparate systems that complicate the process of answering requests, systems that don’t support automation… Read more »

Improving the Citizen Experience With Real-Time Data

Timely and actionable data can tell us a lot about our government, the citizens it serves and whether federal programs are effectively meeting their needs. Not only that, but data can also capture the sentiments of rank-and-file employees who fuel those services and programs. The ability to capitalize on those valuable insights has been an… Read more »

Collaboration-as-a-Service: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

Since Alexander Graham Bell ushered in the telephone in 1876, the ability to communicate across distances has become immediate. Passing notes in class is so passé. Why wait for a break to exchange messages? Do it now over a smartphone! Today we demand this instant communication — both in our personal and professional lives. The… Read more »

Customer Service 101: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

The most successful companies not only meet but exceed our expectations for timely, personalized and professional services. For them, good customer service is good business. If this is true in the corporate world, why should government be any different? If you think about it, government is a collection of many small and large enterprises that… Read more »

The Customer Service Playbook for Government

The government is finally making inroads into understanding and providing better customer service. But it faces significant challenges. Government agencies must operate on tighter budgets and with smaller staffs. Many knowledgeable and experienced employees are retiring, further undermining agencies’ ability to effectively serve customers. Today’s citizens and stakeholders demand fast, accurate answers from government agencies,… Read more »

The Journey to Good IT Investments

Picking the right IT investments is important for better constituent engagement and citizen satisfaction – and the government is taking note. For example, the President’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal increases IT spending to over $86 billion. Moreover, the budget requests $105 million to create digital service delivery teams at agencies. If government is going to be… Read more »

The Human-Centered Approach (HCD Part 2)

To implement human-centered design in your agency, you’re going to need a toolbox of methods, techniques, and resources, as well as a process to guide you through using that toolbox. This course is Part 2 of an ongoing series of learning modules that delve into the process of human-centered design. Watch Part 1, The Human-Centered Design… Read more »

The Future of Citizen Engagement: Five Trends Transforming Government

Every year, citizen engagement seems to improve. New technologies are born; new innovations connect citizens with the government; new ideas start to take root. It’s 2015, and citizen engagement has gone far beyond basic social media and town halls. As we make our way through the 21st century, citizen engagement is continuing to evolve. New… Read more »

The Human-Centered Design Mindset (HCD Part 1)

Every agency has a responsibility to focus its efforts on fulfilling the needs of its citizens. However, it’s unfortunately all-too-common for competing interests to shift the discussion toward internal agendas and interests. This course introduces the concept of human-centered design and its role in developing government products, services, and policies that put citizens and their… Read more »

30 Innovations that Mattered in 2014

New Year’s Resolutions –we can all agree that they are difficult, if not impossible, to maintain. But here’s the thing: small, incremental changes and improvements are totally attainable. Say instead of joining the new workout fad – like Crossfit – you instead walk a mile a day. That’s completely doable. And by walking that mile,… Read more »

6 Stages of an Email that Works

You’ve got mail! While other forms of citizen engagement often get a lot of hype, the real killer app is email. But just because email is the killer app doesn’t mean government always knows the best ways to take advantage of its power. But you are in luck, because we have uncovered the six stages… Read more »

Excelling With Community Planning

As state and local government employees, you face some tough IT obstacles. You have to build digital solutions to meet constituent demand, and design IT systems and architectures to support new services – all in an environment of tight budgets and limited staff. But by conquering these challenges, you can improve the community planning and… Read more »

Your Citizen Engagement Checklist: 18 Strategies for Success

Citizen engagement is nothing new. It’s been conducted in one form or another since the dawn of democracy: Citizens and their elected leaders have met in a variety of ways to exchange ideas and thoughts on policies, processes and more. Until recently, however, this engagement happened in a relatively few ways: Town hall meetings printed… Read more »

Resilient Communities, Efficient Governments

Natural disasters. Budget crises. Significant technological failures. In today’s interconnected world, a single disruptive event can have negative repercussions on a community long after the initial impact. This makes the imperative for a swift recovery a priority for state and local government. The ultimate goal is to make the community resilient to such events; it… Read more »

GIS: A Platform for Enhancing Policy and Civic Engagement

Elected officials face the constant challenge of describing complex and intricate policies to constituents. In turn, constituents want to know answers to important questions, such as: how is a policy going to affect our community? How is legislation helping to bring economic development to our district? Has funding been used wisely? For the myriad of… Read more »

Customer Service, Closing the Gap Between Citizens and Officials

Customer service in government is undergoing a transformation as technology and social media make it increasingly possible for citizens and government officials to engage with each other around the clock. GovLoop’s latest Agency of the Future guide walks you through this transformation, highlighting the customer service trends of today and the direction of customer service… Read more »

Government Technology Year in Review 2012

Today, technology is a critical component to transform and modernize government to truly create a 21st century government. For our year-end report, the GovLoop team set out to explore what technology trends shaped 2012 to help agencies meet organizational goals. The report also includes best practices, case studies, and identifies which trends will shape government… Read more »

Navigating the Digital Government Roadmap

GovLoop is proud to announce our latest guide, The GovLoop Guide: Navigating the Digital Government Roadmap.   Technological advancements have enabled government to improve how services are delivered to citizens. This guide focuses on the technology that has enabled government to increase productivity, improve performance and innovate proactively. Throughout this report, we highlight the top… Read more »

Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government

GovLoop is proud to announce our latest resource, The GovLoop Research Report: Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government. In this report, we interviewed 11 government employees and conducted an online survey of 138 government employees from our GovLoop community. Customer service is a core function of government. With government customers having heightened expectations of the level… Read more »

How to Create Great Government Customer Service

GovLoop has partnered with RightNow to produce a variety of resources to help you and your organization excel in customer service. Excelling in customer service is no easy task, and with resources like the GovLoop/RightNow Excelling with Customer Service Guide, the Customer Service Hub and the infographic below, GovLoop and RightNow will help you master… Read more »

Excelling with Customer Service

GovLoop, in partnership with RightNow, is excited to release the “Excelling with Customer Service” Guide. How is your agency doing as it prepares its Customer Service Plan in response to President Obama’s Customer Service Executive Order? As the October 27 deadline for submission stands just one month away, GovLoop has created the guide below. It’s… Read more »

How Many Open Government Projects Are There?

We’ve got a great Open Gov story (and tool) for you! Last year, former Deputy CTO for Open Government Beth Noveck reached out to GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler about leveraging the energy of community members to complete a gargantuan task: read through all of the Open Government Plans and compile a list of the hundreds… Read more »

10 Tips for Letting Federal Employers Know Your Worth

Two weeks ago, I unveiled a sweet infographic that GovLoop commissioned to spice up some of the resources available at the USAJOBS Info Center. In case you missed it, here’s a link: 4 Winning Tips for a Successful Job Interview In that post, I promised that we would share two more. Well, here’s 2 out… Read more »