Open Data

Open Data Fundamentals

For far too long, the government’s data assets have been locked away in siloed systems, in less-than-ideal formats and with little incentive for agencies to share data across bureaus or with the public. But that’s changing. The open data movement is driving government to make its data more accessible to the public in formats that… Read more »

The Open Data Playbook for Government

Most of us don’t think twice before powering up navigation apps, weather apps and other nifty resources on our mobile devices. Apps such as Zillow and Trulia put housing market data at our fingertips, and the travel search engine KAYAK has made shopping for flights, hotels and rental cars that much easier. Besides the ease… Read more »

7 State Government GIS Innovators

Imagine being able to visualize your data so you could see the impacts of potential policies and decisions. You could bring to life information that has typically been one dimensional, and place data into a geographic context, giving you the ability to see patterns and trends you had not seen before. By incorporating maps into… Read more »

Capitalizing on the Open Data Revolution

For years, data advocates have championed open data initiatives to create more efficient government and economic opportunities. They argued that through open data, government could support emerging markets rather than create additional expensive public programs. And as our most recent GovLoop guide shows, that vision is coming to life. Take the case of Trulia, an online… Read more »