National Park Pocket Guide: Parks to Visit State-by-State

This year the National Park Service (NPS) is celebrating one of the biggest birthdays of all…its centennial! We’re joining in this epic celebration and excited to share with you a state-by-state guide to 50 of NPS’ 410 national parks, sites and heritage areas for you to explore. Click here to download the pocket guide.

Holiday GIFts

Happy Holidays from GovLoop! Looking for the perfect GIFt for your coworker? Look no further! We made these gov-inspired holiday GIFts for you to spread the holiday cheer. Have a Monumental Holiday Hope You’re Able to Get Everything on Your Wishlist Have a Liberating 2016 Rest More not Rush More this Holiday

Virtual Learning Toolkit

Let’s face it: most webinars or e-learning courses are boring and ineffective. There’s got to be a better way! At GovLoop, we’ve delivered hundreds of webinars, social learning courses and on-demand video modules over the years. This toolkit provides important lessons we’ve learned on how to engage today’s learners. Your toolkit includes: The virtual training… Read more »

Food Trucks Full of Thanks

Public servants rarely get the appreciation they deserve. Every day, they make sure our cities, states, and country are run effectively and safely, they provide citizens with needed and engaging services, and they constantly strive to improve government itself. And they do that with limited resources, while facing public scrutiny and operating in a complex bureaucracy of rules and… Read more »

Spread the #GovLove

As a government employee, do you ever feel like you can’t spread Valentine’s Day cheer at work? Can’t find a card that accurately conveys your govie feelings? Well, those days are over.

State of Government Government Communications

Government communications professionals have always felt the pressures of publishing public news and information as quickly as possible. With the boom in social media, communications has become an even more critical function of government. Public relations officers are now faced with an expectation of being open 24/7/365 to deliver real-time information to citizens. As more… Read more »

How to Create Great Government Customer Service

GovLoop has partnered with RightNow to produce a variety of resources to help you and your organization excel in customer service. Excelling in customer service is no easy task, and with resources like the GovLoop/RightNow Excelling with Customer Service Guide, the Customer Service Hub and the infographic below, GovLoop and RightNow will help you master… Read more »

Taking Your Group to the Next Level: The New and Improved GovLoop Groups Guide

As many of you have probably already realized, joining groups here on GovLoop is one of the best ways to make connections, learn best practices, and get real time answers to challenges. No matter where you work, your area of expertise, or your hobbies, there is a group for you, as well as an awesome… Read more »

10 Tips for Letting Federal Employers Know Your Worth

Two weeks ago, I unveiled a sweet infographic that GovLoop commissioned to spice up some of the resources available at the USAJOBS Info Center. In case you missed it, here’s a link: 4 Winning Tips for a Successful Job Interview In that post, I promised that we would share two more. Well, here’s 2 out… Read more »

Getting Started with Social Media in Your City

Greetings GovLoopers! As you can tell, we try not to sit around too much over here at the GovLoop ranch – always hustling to bring you an incredible community experience and resources that make your life on the job easier. So we’ve been talking about putting together a series of guides for several months. In… Read more »