Human Resources

The Human Resources Playbook for Government

The heartbeat of any organization can be summed up in one word: people. It isn’t the technology or automated processes that many agencies have come to rely on over the years. The truth is, when organizations hire good people, the technology takes care of itself. People provide overall direction and vision for an organization, ensure… Read more »

Federal Employee Engagement By the Numbers

More than 400,000 employees from 82 federal agencies participated in the 2015 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). The survey measured, among other things, employee engagement, or “an employee’s sense of purpose, manifest in the level of dedication, persistence, and effort that he or she puts into the work and into the overall commitment to an… Read more »

The Future of Human Resources in Government

Critical to the success of any organization is its ability to recruit, hire and retain talented professionals, while also grooming the next-generation workforce. Forward-thinking officials at organizations in both the public and private sectors understand that successful execution of these functions requires a strong human resources (HR) support system. No longer can agencies afford to… Read more »

Future of Government Hiring: Dealing with the Government’s Brain Drain

“I have no one under the age of 40 in my office,” said a policy analyst from the Department of Veterans Affairs in a recent GovLoop survey. That policy analyst isn’t alone – the government is graying. According to the Office of Personnel Management, the average age of a government employee is 47. At the… Read more »

The United States for State and Local Gov

Who is really employed by the government? Who works in those office buildings? And what exactly do they do? Questions about the state of state and local government worker demographics abound. So we decided to take a look at the makeup of the state and local government workforce. While each state and locality is slightly… Read more »

The Virtual Training Playbook For Government

In the 1700s and 1800s, one-room schoolhouses were the norm. Students of varying ages and learning levels would sit together to be instructed by their teacher. A freshman in high school could share a desk with a fourth-grader. Being mostly rural, many schools had no water or sanitation. They used melting snow for water in… Read more »

The Path to a More Efficient HR Organization

HR professionals play a critical role in government. Among their many functions, they recruit, select, and onboard employees. But too often their work is done through tedious and slow paper-based processes. Today, this no longer has to be the case. With Enterprise Content Management (ECM), HR professionals can automate much of the storing, searching, compiling,… Read more »

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Enabling a Cost-Effective and Flexible Workforce

As IT administrators and chief information officers, you face a particular challenge: facilitate the ability for your agency to work remotely, while reducing costs, protecting your data and assuring compliance. Your employees need flexibility in the way they work, as well as the ability to connect to resources anywhere, anytime. Thanks to advances in technology,… Read more »

Building Better Conferences and Training

With government conferences being cut and training getting trimmed, GovLoop is proud to present a new guide titled, “Building Better Conferences and Training: The Value of Virtual Events in Government,” which we created in tandem with the new Government Virtual Engagements Community of Practice.

How Telework Makes Better Bosses and Top-Notch Teams

I’ve learned a lot over the last seven years as a full-time teleworking employee – both as a manager and as a member of geographically-dispersed project teams. One of the biggest lessons is that telework forces both managers and team members to hone their communication skills and think more intentionally about the way they get… Read more »

Workforce Planning in the Public Sector

GovLoop is proud to present one of our newest guides, the GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning in the Public Sector. We all know that the public sector workforce is changing. Although the government workforce is extremely complex, the GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning in the Public Sector set out to find some best practices, tips… Read more »

Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government

GovLoop is proud to announce our latest resource, The GovLoop Research Report: Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government. In this report, we interviewed 11 government employees and conducted an online survey of 138 government employees from our GovLoop community. Customer service is a core function of government. With government customers having heightened expectations of the level… Read more »

Excelling with Customer Service

GovLoop, in partnership with RightNow, is excited to release the “Excelling with Customer Service” Guide. How is your agency doing as it prepares its Customer Service Plan in response to President Obama’s Customer Service Executive Order? As the October 27 deadline for submission stands just one month away, GovLoop has created the guide below. It’s… Read more »

7 Steps To Social Networking Success

GovLoop recently hosted an awesome online training with Heather Krasna, an expert career coach who has been helping people network and land gigs for many years. As an expert in all things careers and networking, Heather sent us an impressive document, detailing the 7 steps of the networking process. We then transformed it and out… Read more »