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Zero to ‘Secure’ in 60 Seconds: 3 Tips for Using Agile Security to Create a Security Posture

You’re hired…. Now ‘do’ security! That’s a common challenge to information security professionals hired into an organization that previously had not staffed security positions.  Daily breach headlines, and evolving threats, can make the pursuit of a security program the equivalent of a game of ‘Whack-a-Mole’.  After spending a few years in the security consulting arenaRead… Read more »

Agile: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

According to Project Managers and Agile experts from the U. S. Census Bureau, “Agile is the best thing since sliced”… literally. The “Deeper Dive: Project Management Tips and Concepts” session at this year’s NextGenGov Summit kicked off by asking attendees what they would prefer to buy: a loaf of bread where they had to buyRead… Read more »

Enabling Agile Project Management at DoD

To support that constant evolution of JIE and other projects, DoD’s project management strategies must become more adaptive. Some defense leaders have already realized this and included a mandate for that dexterity in the 2010 Defense Authorization Act. The act states, “The Secretary of Defense shall develop and implement a new acquisition process for information technologyRead… Read more »

Case Study: Implementing DevOps at US Courts

This blog post is an excerpt from our recent industry perspective, Accelerating Your DevOps Journey in the Public Sector. To read the full thing, head here. To learn a little bit more about how DevOps is being implemented on the ground in the public sector, we sat down with Peter Chin, Application Development and ArchitectureRead… Read more »

The Current State of Government Project Management

This post is an excerpt from our recent guide, Agile, DevOps & More: How to Succeed at Government Project Management. To download the guide for free, head here. To get a sense of project management in government today, GovLoop surveyed 374 public-sector professionals. We asked them about their challenges, best practices and No. 1 tips forRead… Read more »

What Agile Means for Government

This post is an excerpt from our recent guide, Agile, DevOps & More: How to Succeed at Government Project Management. To download the guide for free, head here. To learn more about Agile, we spoke with Elizabeth Raley, a board member of Agile Government Leadership, which is an organization that helps bring applied Agile practices toRead… Read more »

What Vince Lombardi Can Teach Us About Agile

If you’re a diehard Vince Lombardi fan, then you know about the power sweep. This bread-and-butter play is legendary, but not for the reasons one may think. It isn’t flashy or complicated. It’s a simple play that Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers executed routinely and ruthlessly. “It didn’t have to be flashy” because it was aRead… Read more »

Creating an Adaptive Cybersecurity Strategy & Culture through Agile Cybersecurity Action Planning (ACAP)

Cybersecurity should not about just building better castles, but looking ahead to the emerging threats. Castles were undone by introduction of cannons and mobile warfare. This will likely be true of Cybersecurity because the “cyber barbarians,” whether state or non-state actors, criminals or hacktivists, are constantly looking for new technologies, human weakness, back doors and… Read more »